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Google launches Orkut for iPhone

Google has officially launched its Orkut app for iPhone, letting users of Brazil and India's favorite social network access the service on-the-go.

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Ex-Facebook dev talks about iPad app delays

Jeff Verkoeyen, an ex-Facebook developer who was the lead engineer on the Facebook for iPad project, wrote on his personal blog about the internal battle that took place between him and Facebook, and goes a long way to explaining why we still haven't seen the app.

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NetNewsWire: Web App vs. Native App

People that use RSS often use web-based readers such as Google Reader, Bloglines or NewsGator to view their news feeds. The first two choices are great, but NewsGator has something special on the iPhone; a native app. That's right, no more web apps for RSS, the "news" has gone native baby!

What is NewsGator Online?

NewsGator is a service for personal and professional social networking. They have different applications on many platforms that bring information together. Google has probably coined it best, "RSS is the inbox for the Web". Our focus in this review is with NewsGator's free, personal services for RSS on the iPhone.

NewsGator's web app for the iPhone is called... NewsGator, I know, original. This web app allows for users of the free NewsGator service to view their RSS feeds in an optimized format on the iPhone. Let's take a look at how it works.

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WordPress for iPhone Now Available

For those of you waiting for another blog editor other than TypePad, WordPress users rejoice! WordPress for iPhone is now available from the iTunes store for free! Word came this morning from TUAW that the native app would be available today. You can read more about the application here

This app allows you to manage several blogs, create and edit posts and even upload photos to your blog directly from your iPhone. This is a strong competitor to TypePad's offering, especially since WordPress is free, though they do appear very similar. The one function WordPress for iPhone does this is unique is the ability to preview a post. Check out the gallery below!

Sadly, it's not all wine and roses blog posts and galleries here at TiPb, something about our server isn't sitting right with the app, it crashes on configure. Ah, full size computers: we wish we could quit you.

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App Review: Twitterrific

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, oh how I love thee. Now I can really love thee with Twitterrific for the iPhone! If you are a fan of the very popular microblogging service Twitter, you are in for a rare treat with Twitterrific for iPhone from The Icon Factory! This application comes in two flavors: a free version with a very unobtrusive banner at the top or a paid version for $10 with no banner advertising and an extra theme.

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Review: iFlickr, Native App-a-Week

Are you one of those people who love Flickr? The ease-of-use, best-in-class community, and (for pro users) unlimited storage space? Well I actually am one of those people. I love my Flickr. And the iPhone plays really nice with Flickr in part because of Flickr’s ability to upload pictures through E-mail. Take a picture. E-mail to Flickr. And it’s posted.

But for jailbroken iPhones there is another method that is in ways much more integrated. This Week's Native App-a-Week will take a look at this program, iFlickr. iFlickr is a native app that is dedicated for Flickr uploads. Meaning you take pictures for the pure purpose of posting it to your Flickr account. How does it work? Is it more effective than the current iPhone Camera->E-mail->Flickr set up?

Read on for the rest of the review!

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