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New Design

iOS 7 brings all new design to Messages, Calendar, Mail, and more

iOS 7 is hands down the biggest update to iOS we have seen since the introduction of Notification Center in iOS 5. For the first time ever, every single one of iOS' core apps are getting a completely overhauled design.

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Case-Mate shows off iPhone 5 cases, pulls the page shortly after

Case-Mate published a page today featuring iPhone 5 case designs and pulled it just shortly after. If the case designs are the real deal we may be seeing an overhauled design for the iPhone 5 after all.

Case-Mate recently claimed to have inside info regarding the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. (Which we are still a bit skeptical about.) As we get closer to an announcement we typically see a lot of case leaks but they don't typically come from a manufacturer as reputable as Case-Mate.

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