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New York City

Apple's retail head Angela Ahrendts helps to open the newest Apple Store in NYC

The latest Apple Store, located on the Upper East Side of New York City, opened its doors to the public today. Apple's retail head Angela Ahrendts showed up for the opening of the new location, which is built inside an old bank building.

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Apple reportedly readying two more retail stores for New York City

Apple could be getting ready to open two additional retail stores in NYC, home to the already iconic locations at 5th Avenue, Grand Central Station, SoHo, the Upper West Side, and West 14th Street. The new Apple Retail Stores would in Manhattan's Upper East Side and at below the new World Trade Center's Transportation Hub.

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Citymapper for iPhone expands from London into New York City

Citymapper for iPhone is one of my absolute favorite travel apps for London, but now it's leaving the shores of the UK and taking in New York City as well. Citymapper is your one stop shop for route planning and transit information, bike share stations, is completely free to download and looks great to boot.

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iPhone and iPad theft blamed for increase in NYC crime rate

New York City mayer Michael Bloomberg, during his Friday morning radio address, seems to have laid the blame for a slight elevation in the crime rate on Apple's doorstep. More precisely, on the pilfering of iPhones and iPads.

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AT&T, iPhone, and New York City: Fraud? Really?

As Rene mentioned earlier today, AT&T online is not selling iPhones to people in the New York City areas, but physical stores and Apple are selling them. AT&T's latest explanation for this is fraud.

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Regarding the iPhone in NYC -- AT&T "Periodically Modifies Promotions and Distribution Channels".

So the internets are exploding thanks to a Consumerist article that involved not being able to order an iPhone in New York City via AT&T's website.

AT&T has apparently found a workable solution to the reported data congestion in New York City. They've quietly stopped selling the iPhone to customers in the New York metropolitan area, at least from their web site.

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