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iXoost dock is a handmade high performance sound system for your iPhone

The iPhone can certainly be classed as a top performer in the smart phone world so why not pop it into a dock made from the exhaust system of a high performance car. The iXoost dock is handmade and the base is made from a solid block of aluminium. It then incorporates a performance cars manifold which is turned and milled into a shiny work of art.

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Sprint set to offer a pay as you go iPhone through its Virgin Mobile brand

Sprint will announce this week that a pay as you go iPhone will be available on its Virgin Mobile brand starting from July 1st. Sprint will become the second US network to announce an iPhone without any contract following the announcement last week that Cricket Communications would also offer pre-paid iPhones starting on June 22nd. This new offering may go towards helping Sprint achieve its commitment to Apple to buy $15.5 billion iPhones over the next four years.

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Gameloft bringing the official Amazing Spider-Man game to iPhone and iPad

Gameloft and Marvel have announced that they are working together to bring the official Amazing Spider-Man game to the iPhone, iPad and Android devices later this year. The new game will be based on the Sony Pictures film "The Amazing Spider-Man" and should deliver full 3D action, missions, rich gameplay and comprehensive battle systems.

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Budget airline using iPads to reduce aircraft's weight, fuel consumption and running costs

New budget airline Scoot Pte is now using iPads as its preferred choice of in-flight entertainment across its fleet. The move sees Scoot remove around two tons of old style audio video in-flight entertainment equipment from its aircraft and replace it with iPads. The change to iPads has enabled Scoot to shave up to seven percent off an average aircraft’s weight and add a further forty percent to the seating capacity. These savings reduce the aircraft's fuel consumption which obviously has a big cost saving.

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aTV Flash (black) Apple TV jailbreak package updated with subtitle downloads and more

FireCore has released another update to its hugely popular software for jailbroken second generation Apple TV's (2010, 720p version). The new 1.6 release includes a raft of new features and improvements, the most interesting being the ability to download subtitles for movies in your collection on the fly.

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Boost Mobile rumored to offer pre-paid iPhone starting September

Boost Mobile has been rumored to start selling the iPhone as a pre-paid phone starting this September. This follows yesterday’s news that Cricket Communications were rolling out pre-paid iPhones starting later this month. Boost are rumored to be able to offer both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in early September; on its pre-paid tariffs.

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Cricket to offer pre-paid iPhone with unlimited voice, texts and data

Cricket Communications will become the first US carrier to offer the iPhone on a pre-paid plan starting on June 22; the offer will include both the iPhone 4 and the latest iPhone 4S.

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All six Steve Jobs interviews at the D conference now available as audio and video podcasts

All Steve Jobs appearances at the All Things D conference have now been made available as podcasts on iTunes. There are many videos of Steve Jobs around today, there are a lot of him presenting at product launches and of course his famous Stanford commencement but there are very few actual sit down interviews.

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PayPal looks to steal limelight from NFC with new PayPal inStore app

PayPal looks like it could steal the limelight away from NFC (Near Field Communication) payments in the UK with the release of its latest app. The new app which is called PayPal inStore allows UK shoppers to use their iPhone to pay for goods within certain stores. Those stores currently include fashion chains Coast, Oasis, Warehouse, and Karen Millen.

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Twig iPhone charging cable and tripod combo hits Kickstarter

Twig is a rather innovative charging cable for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that looks to solve your cable clutter problem.  We all use the Apple supplied cable for charging and syncing our devices and the length of it probably means that it gets tangled up in your bag and it all becomes a bit messy. The Twig looks to solve that problem as well as offering a few extra features too.

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