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The Loop Magazine app reboots with amazing new, Glide-powered experience

My phone rang. In heavy metal. "Hi Jim!" The laugh hit me like a Heineken-fueled right cross. "Hey, Rene. So I'm making a new version of The Loop Magazine app..." That was great news. Dalrymple's Loop Magazine - which, full disclosure, I'd written for twice - was an ode to Apple, tech, and music nerdery, and I enjoyed it dearly. But, app-wise, it was already struggling to keep up with what Jim wanted to do. And that's just when the bearded uppercut hit. "So, do you know this guy, Chris Harris?"

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The Loop Magazine: The long-form Loop you've been waiting for!

I've been bitching to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop for years that, as much as I liked his and Peter Cohen's highly curated, Apple-, web-, music-, and gaming-centric link-list style, I missed their longer form pieces, the kind I remembered fondly from Macworld. Jim, of course, laughed. You might well know Jim's laugh. It's equal parts hilarious and bone-chilling. That laugh. Then, one day, he called me and said I could stop my bitching. He had a plan. He was going to start The Loop Magazine. So, how'd it turn out?

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The Magazine adds web subscriptions, full article sharing

Marco Arment's The Magazine is widely regarded as the best thing to happen to iOS' Newsstand to date, and now Arment is expanding it to take on the web as well. That includes both online subscriptions in addition to iOS, and the ability to share the full text of an article. Here's how Arment describes it on

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The Wall Street Journal finally comes to Newsstand

It took a long while, but The Wall Street Journal has finally come to Apple's iOS Newsstand. The paper joins thousands of other publications that are publishing via the magazine/newspaper service, and like many, the Journal's gone for a traditional layout that echoes that of the dead tree version. That said, the Newsstand distribution of the Journal is significantly more flexible than its paper cousin, offering full-screen image viewing, three text sizes, social network sharing options (that frustratingly don't use the built-in iOS sharing and require separate authorizations), and faster navigation between articles. It's not quite the authentically-digital that is The Magazine, but it's better than the PNG/JPG images that many publications are unfortunately vomiting into Newsstand.

  • Free ($12.99-$21.99 subscription optional) - Download now

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The Magazine made stronger, faster, better

Marco Arment's The Magazine, a new take on the traditional concept of great articles by great writers collected together and published at fixed intervals, has been updated with stronger, faster, and better architecture with version 1.2. You now get full-width images. You can collapse issues if you want to keep them around but not have them take up too much space. And a bunch of interface and bug fixes, and a new CoreData driven data engine.

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