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Tiny Tower meets Star Wars in upcoming Tiny Death Star game

Disney Interactive has collaborated with Tiny Towers maker NimbleBit to create what is surely going to be one of the most addictive Star Wars-themed mobile games ever: Tiny Death Star.

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Pocket Planes for iPhone and iPad review

The creator of Tiny Tower released their long-awaited sequel today, only this time instead of populating an ever-growing skyscraper, in Pocket Planes you're in charge of an airline.

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Tiny Tower developer working on airline sim called Pocket Planes

NimbleBit, the creators of the hugely successful Tiny Tower game for iOS, are working on their next title called Pocket Planes.

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NimbleBit calls out Zynga over Tiny Tower clone Dream Heights

Powerhouse social gaming company Zynga, as you may or may not know has a new app on the market called Dream Heights that looks strikingly similar to small indie developer NimbleBits's award winning Tiny Tower -- so much so that NimbleBit has called Zynga out on the matter.

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