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Nine Inch Nails

Ill Nine Inch Nails fan Reznor FaceTimed from stage last month passes away

Andrew Youssef has passed away, according to Rolling Stone. Youssef was the Nine Inch Nails fan that NIN frontman Trent Reznor used FaceTime to connect with at a Las Vegas show in November.

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NIN Frontman Speaks Out: Apple, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Jailbreaking?

Well I'm sure you've heard about the ruckus Apple has created by rejecting the latest update to the official Nine Inch Nails application. As it turns out, there was no new content added in the update, all that was included were simple bug fixes yet Apple still rejected it. Well now some of Reznor's fans have spoke out against Apple on his forums and he has replied with the following (emphasis ours):

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Updated: Nine Inch Nails App Update: REJECTED!

According to one of Trent Reznor's latest tweets, an update to the very popular and crafty Nine Inch Nails application has been rejected by Apple.

Apple rejects the NIN iPhone update because it contains objectionable content. The objectionable content referenced is "The Downward Spiral"

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NIN iPhone App Makes Bono Pee His Pleather Pants

If you are a Twitter addict and are following Trent Reznor (Yes, it really is the one and only TR), you would be well aware that the official Nine Inch Nails application is making it's way onto the App Store any time now, for FREE.

You may be thinking "many bands have apps in the App Store", which may be true. But to be honest, they are pretty poor attempts. If anyone can get a iPhone application done the right way, it would be Reznor.


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Rock Out With Nine Inch Nails On Your iPhone

I am a big music lover and I hold a special place in my heart for Trent Reznor's music. Nine Inch Nails has been one of my favorite bands since freshman year in high school (when nobody really knew who Trent Reznor was, let alone Nine Inch Nails). This is an iPhone dedicated web site so why am I telling you this? Well you will soon be able to rock out to Nine Inch Nails right on your iPhone... Tap Tap Revenge Style!. (iTunes link)

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