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Now TV

Sky Sports on Now TV gets a little more affordable

British premium television provider, Sky, has announced some changes to its online only Now TV service with a new weekly subscription option for the Sky Sports package. Previously you needed to hand over £9.99 a day to watch Sky's premium sports channels but from this coming Thursday there will be an option to pay £10.99 for a weeks viewing.

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Now TV comes to British Apple TV, cutting the cord gets a step closer

UK Apple TV owners should be seeing a new channel today, with Sky bringing it's online broadcasting platform, Now TV, to Apple's set top box. This is the first instance of a domestic provider bringing premium TV content to the Apple TV, and follows on from Sky News appearing earlier this year in a previous update. Not everyone will be familiar with Now TV, and what it means now, and for the future for UK Apple TV owners.

Simply put, the door to cutting the cord is now ajar.

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Sky's Now TV box isn't an Apple TV killer, but it's a perfect companion

British pay-TV provider Sky TV has recently launched their own, Apple TV competing set-top box. Under their Now TV brand, it offers a more a la carte subscription model to their premium sports and movie channels. It's a fantastic idea, and the fact that Sky is heavily subsidizing the box means it costs an astonishingly low £9.99. But, it isn't without compromise. So, instead of being a product that can take on and beat Apple's own box, it is in fact a perfect companion product. Here's why.

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Sky TV launches their own Apple TV competitor for the low low price of £9.99

British pay-TV provider Sky has released their own Apple TV competing streaming box under their Now TV brand. The box – which is essentially a Roku box re-branded – costs a ridiculously low £9.99 including shipping, and will stream services from Now TV, Spotify and the BBC among others. From the Now TV announcement:

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