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New report predicts smaller tablets will lose ground to large smartphones

A new report from NPD DisplaySearch predicts that shipments of tablets that are between 7 to 7.9 inches in size, such as the iPad mini, will begin to lose market share compared to larger tablet products, thanks in part to competition from larger smartphones.

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iOS might not be behind Android in U.S. smartphone market share after all

NPD and comScore recently released quarterly research figures over the last few days which suggested that Android was beating out iPhone in the U.S., but some digging into the numbers are showing that might not be the case.

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iPad is the first Apple product for one in four owners

The loyalty of Apple customers is well-documented, but according to the latest research data from NPD, iOS devices are doing a good job of raking in new customers, too. For over one in four iPad owners, the tablet is their very first Apple product.

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The Numbers: Cell Phones Down, Smartphones Up, MobileSafari WAY UP

So while Apple is ramping up production of the iPhone 3G, it looks like the rest of the cell phone industry is in a serious slump. Kind of. According to the NPD, (via Ars Technica) only 28 million cell phones were sold this quarter representing a 13% year-to-year decline. But looking specifically at the model-by-model numbers, it looks like everyone is enjoying success on Motorola's dime.

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