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Om Malik

Android vs. iPhone, Open vs. Closed, Love vs. Chocolate...

Our pal Casey over at Android Central, launching off the latest ruminations of GigaOm Malik, on the relative advantages and disadvantages of open source vs. proprietary software models, as straw-man'd into the current tech darlings from Google and Apple: the Android and the iPhone, says:

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Are You Using Your iPhone Apps?

Confession 1: Soon as the App Store opened, I started downloading. Free apps mainly, but I bought more than I thought I would as well.

Confession 2: I don't use most of them regularly. I mean, I use the built-in apps all the time, daily if not near-constantly in the case of Phone, Mail, and Safari. But the App Store stuff? Eh.... A couple have become regulars but most are occasional at best and some I no longer even bother to store on the iPhone (i.e. they've been relegated to iTunes purgatory.)

60 million downloads, 30 million in sales, and Steve Jobs thinks it could be a billion dollar business. So somebody must be using them, right?

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Blog vs. Blog: Chuq Sheds Light on Daring Fireball/GigaOm MobileMe-nia

C'mon. A day without a MobileMe post is like a day without rain. Or something. So after yesterday's John Gruber vs. Om Malik showdown, former Apple insider Chuq Von Rospach has strapped on the gloves and joined the fray -- in impressive fashion.

Says Chuq, after joking that Jobs is likely walking the MobileMe halls with a flame thrower round about now:

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Blog vs. Blog: GigaOm/Gizmodo GPS Showdown!

Om Malik says GPS on the iPhone is locked and loaded:

[T]here is one thing that’s for sure: The new iPhone has Global Positioning System (GPS) built into it, thanks to legal requirements put in place by the FCC.

The GigaOmster further says that new-to-the-space-space Broadcom has nailed the contract, which is great for them but panic-inducing for the stand-alone GPS market. (We know Google sees positively HUGE maps usage from the GPS-less iPhone already, so that makes the kind of sense that does.)

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