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Rogers Customers: Prepare for a Long Wait. Everybody Else: Smile

Above, customers at the Montreal Apple Store wait for Rogers to get their systems working

Upgrading to an iPhone 3G S in Canada? We feel for you, and we fear we're going to continue to feel for you for a healthy portion of the day. Last year there were activation backlogs and hang-ups all over, but it was especially egregious in Canada, where people were waiting for half the day for Rogers' system to get up and happy and talking with Apple's system.

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Phone different Podcast Episode 23

Above, the winner of our iPhone 3G giveaway, iLoveiPhones. More on how she won here! Congrats again -- we're glad to see you like it. :D

This week in the podcast, a rapid-fire overview and analysis of the crazy iPhone 3G launch.

Ready for iPhone 3G yet? Mike and Dieter run down the run-up to the iPhone 3G as of our recording on Monday. Plenty to mull over -- plus your comments and forum posts!

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Non-Disclosure Expiring? [Redacted] Retracted? App Store to Launch Today?!

Since the iPhone SDK launch in March, developers accepted into the program have been bound via NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to Apple-institutionalized uber-secrecy (leading one noted developer to cleverly refer to the SDK as [REDACTED] on Twitter). Tech Crunch says, like .Mac, that may end later today:

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