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iPhone SDK Beta: Take 3

After waking up on Tuesday to face the dreaded Blue-- er... Pink-Screen-of-Death (?!) that signaled the expiry of the 2nd beta release for the iPhone SDK, would-be-developers managed not to go to bed angry as Apple kissed and made-up in the form of SDK Beta 3.

Erica Sadun over on TUAW reports that the latest/greatest weighs in at 1.4GB, or just three-quarters the size of the original beta, with the matching firmware at under 200MB according to a commenter.

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Being Played? Flash, Music, and Manipulation - Wait-a-Thon

Rumor gets reported there will be Flash on the iPhone. Rumor gets smashed. Rumor gets reported there will be unlimited music on the iPhone. Rumor gets smashed. Rinse and repeat.

What's going on? Why aren't we getting these stories straight?

Turns out maybe these stories weren't meant to be gotten. Turns out maybe these stories were meant to get us.

There was a time when media really was the fourth estate, when it reported the news. In something akin to the scientific method, media observed what was going on in the grand experiment that is society, looked for pattern and flaw, then contextualized it, gave it form and flavor, and broadcast it by mule and truck and cable and fiber to those who wanted or needed to know.

Now media is entertainment and is competing with itself and other forms of entertainment for your attention and your dollar. One of the ways to compete is to get mysterious "un-named sources" to give you the highly prized "sensational headline". And instead of digging for these sources and convincing them to come forward, the anonymous sources now trip and push past each other to get to the reporters first. Why? Because controlling the story is important. Information is power and spin is leverage.

Okay, soap-box, what does this have to do with the iPhone? Two interesting and very similar blog posts emerged recently shedding new light on both the Flash and unlimited music stories that have been all over the web lately. Let's take a look:

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iPhone SDK: No iPod Access for You!

Macnn/iPodnn (via The Inquirer) reports that unlike CoreLocation, which gives access to the Google Maps-like location-based services, Apple's new iPhone SDK will be providing absolutely no access to iPod functionality or the onboard iTunes:

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Rejected (Or Not?) - Apple Clarifies(-ish) and First Acceptences!

iLounge tells us that Apple has sent out a second note to would be $99-level iPhone SDK developers:

“We have many more requests than we can serve during this initial beta period, so we must limit the Program at this time. We plan to expand it during the beta period, and we will contact you regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time. We appreciate your patience.”

This follows up on last week's far more confusing note, and the rampant speculation it caused.

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iPhone 2.0: Hands-On!

Engadget honcho Ryan Block got his techie mitts on a pre-release version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware, and here are the highlights (and lowlights!):

Exchange over Wi-Fi is not instantaneous (!). No contact search he could find. New button in Calendar don't do nothing for him yet. App Store error's out. Cisco branded VPN screen. Parental controls are good-to-go. Wi-Fi order can be specified in prefs. Calc has new widescreen scientific mode and icon. And his favorite new feature -- Multi-Select in Mail!

Head on over for a full rundown and gallery o' pics!

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Rejected! (Or Not?) - Apple Sends Developers Mixed Signals

Ah, Apple gone and done it now! SXSW debuted this year's hottest social trend: Mass Twitter-steria, and now the 140 character mob has its torches and pitchforks ready to storm Cupertino. Or not.

Let's back up a step. Following the Apple SDK announcement, pretty much everyone and their neck-bearded uncle rushed to and started their download engines. 100,000 of them in the first few days alone. That's a lot of love. And even more expectation.

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Flash on iPhone: Video Dream or Privacy Nightmare?

The internet in your pocket. That’s what Steve Jobs and Apple advertising have promised us since Macworld 2007. Not the watered-down WAP internet, the server-pre-rendered kinda-sorta-internet, or the stunted mobile internet. Just... the internet.

In large part, they’ve succeeded. By promoting open, standards-based support for HTML (hyper-text markup language) structure, CSS (cascading style sheet) design, Javascript actions, and the hybrid interactive richness of AJaX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) that enable WebApps, Apple has brought us the closest thing yet to a desktop-class browsing experience on our mobiles.

About the only thing missing, many would argue, is Flash.

Adobe’s ubiquitous interactive, multi-media technology powers everything from online office apps to easily embedded video clips to in-our-face banner adds. It also powers it’s own “cookie” (online state-saving and tracking) system. Didn’t know that? Advertisers do. They already exploit Flash cookies on the desktop. And as much as we want our videos clips on the iPhone, they want their cookies more. After all, the iPhone is the “next generation mobile” devices -- the one that know everything about us, including who we are and where we are, with all of our private contacts and secure contents just there for the tracking, aggregating, and selling.

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Phone different Podcast 14 - Wait-a-Thon

Bonus Podcast!

We couldn't wait until our regularly scheduled podcast to talk about the iPhone Software Roadmap. Mike and I were also lucky to be joined by Phone different writers Chad Garrett and Rene Ritchie! Listen in as we chat up all the new announcements about the new Enterprise features and the SDK.

This post is also a Wait-a-Thon post! Your comment posted here enters you for a a chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card! Also note that starting today, you can use your User Referral Link (found here when you log in) to get two entries in this week's drawing.

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App Wait-a-Thon: Win $100 in iTunes Gift Cards

Everybody here at the iPhone Blog is very, very excited about the iPhone SDK Roadmap. We can't wait for native apps, for more functionality, for games, for Apple to go after BlackBerrys. We can't wait - seriously - it's going to kill us waiting until "Late June" for all this good stuff. We've called in a team of psychiatrists, it's not looking good.

We bet you feel the same way.

So to help ease the pain we're instituting the iPhone Blog App Wait-a-Thon! Starting next week and then every week until Apple releases the iPhone 2.0 Software Update, we are going to give away a $100 iTunes Gift Certificate to a lucky reader.

You may not be getting your native apps now, but at least your can download some emo music to drown your sorrows, or a Pixar movie to cheer you up, or the first three seasons of LOST1 to help remind you that it's not that bad.

Here's how it will work: Sometime during the week, two to three of our blog postings, articles, or reviews will have "Wait-a-Thon" after the title, that's your cue to comment on that entry. Comment on that entry and you'll be automatically entered in that week's drawing. (Just one entry per post counts, max three per week).

The latest Wait-a-Thon post is always available here<a.>. Just take a look over next to the Wait-a-Thon contest graphic!

Full details after the break!

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SDK Roadmap: Color Commentary

We're not able to liveblog the event here at Phone different, but we are able to put our two cents in -- stay tuned to this blog post during the event for color commentary on what Apple announces. It won't be up to the second, but you'll get a little more analysis in exchange for those extra minutes.

Bonus: comment on this post and we'll quote our faves in at the top.

T-Minus 25 minutes. When you see the "read more" link below, it's showtime!

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