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Barclays Bank set to roll out 8,500 iPads to improve customer service experience

UK based bank, Barclay’s has ordered a whopping 8,500 iPads to roll out across its branches in the UK. The order is believed to signify one of the largest roll outs of iPads in the UK finance sector according to The Channel.

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EA removes The Simpsons: Tapped Out from the App Store due to server capacity issues

EA has severely underestimated the popularity of any game that involves characters and voices from the hugely popular animated TV series The Simpsons. After releasing its latest game called The Simpsons Tapped Out, it has now embarrassingly had to remove it from the App Store as its servers are being slammed and user experience is being badly affected.

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Apple sells out of iPhone 4S pre-orders in less than 24 hours

iPhone 4S pre-orders went live less than 24 hrs ago in the US and Apple's online store is already showing it as sold out, with delivery times now estimated at 1-2 weeks.

To those who haven't ordered yet, you can still try to grab one when they go on sale at Apple Retail and other brick-and-mortar stores on Friday, October 14 at 8am local time. To pundits who thought iPhone 4S was a major misstep, you're probably too late to backpedal.

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