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PADD is heavy on Star Trek eye candy, light on content

Since the beginning of the web, people have tried to bring the 24th century LCARS (Library Computer Access Retrieval System) Star Trek interface to today, but it hasn't gone well. LCARS has always been a touch interface for huge screens on the Enterprise and hand-held PADD tablets; it's never worked well for mouse-driven applications. The beauty of LCARS was that it looked futuristic on both screens big and small and was easy to fill with generic graphics that made it look like the Enterprise was busily going about its mission. With the availability of touchscreens in the form of modern smartphones and tablets, LCARS was ripe for a exploitation. With the Star Trek™ PADD for iPad and Star Trek™ PADD for iPhone apps you can get a serious doseage of Trek on your iDevice. The original PADD app was recently updated to version 2.0, coinciding with the release of PADD for iPhone, bringing the LCARS interface from the big screen to the small screen for real.

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