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passbook apps

Lemon Wallet for iPhone review: Create Passbook cards for your entire wallet and much more

Lemon Wallet for iPhone is basically a virtual wallet similar to Passbook but picks up where it lacks. For instance, you can easily create Passbook cards with Lemon Wallet for any credit card, identification card, or rewards card regardless of whether or not that actual merchant supports Passbook. Lemon Wallet also has add-on paid features that allow you to track transactions and report a lost or stolen wallet for easy card replacement options.

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Qantas releases their new iOS application, Passbook support included

It's still a pretty big deal when iOS apps are released with Passbook support, especially outside of the U.S. Anyone flying down under will be pleased to know that Australian airline, Qantas, has released their brand new iOS app which indeed does have Passbook support.

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Best Passbook compatible apps for iPhone

Passbook can be an incredibly useful tool for storing all kinds of things from boarding passes to loyalty cards to gift cards and more. Unfortunately, the App Store doesn't make it so easy to find apps that are Passbook compatible. While there is a list, it isn't updated very frequently and misses a lot of hidden gems that ourselves and many of our readers have found over the past few months.

So if you're itching to add more items to your Passbook and find an actual use for it, here are our favorites:

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Delta Air Lines adds iPad app, updates iPhone app with redesign, Passbook support

Delta Air Lines today finally released a proper iPad application and its iPhone app to Version 2.0, bringing with it a much-needed redesign and, perhaps most important -- the ability to use Passbook for boarding passes. The iPad version of the app also gets a particularly cool "Glass-bottom jet" feature that shows information about what's under your plane as you fly overhead.

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Air Canada launches iOS 6 Passbook support for boarding passes

Air Canada has launched Passbook support for their electronic boarding passes, and submitted an update to their App Store app that will allow for on-device Passbook generation as well.

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Passbook support comes to Starbucks customers in the UK and Canada

While Starbucks was fairly quick to roll out iPhone 5 and Passbook support in the U.S., their Canadian and UK apps languished in 2:3, non-Passbook purgatory... until today. Sort of. Starbucks has begun to update internationally, and they're ready to single-pull their way to iPhone-purchased specialty beverages both north of the border and across the pond. But still not in 16:9 iPhone format.

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