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perfect world entertainment

Collect and battle cards, find adventure in Elemental Kingdoms

Last month PC MMO giant Perfect World Entertainment announced that it had entered the mobile gaming business, revealing four upcoming games in the process. Now the first of those games, Elemental Kingdoms is available to download exclusively on iOS. Elemental Kingdoms is a surprisingly deep and robust collectible card game from China-based iFree Studio. Read on to learn about the gameโ€™s card combat system, player versus player battles, maze exploration, and much more.

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Perfect World Entertainment announces four games for the fall

Perfect World Entertainment, the publisher of several popular massively multiplayer online PC games such as Star Trek Online, Forsaken World, and the upcoming Torchlight MMO has announced it will publish four iOS games this fall: Elemental Kingdoms, Arena of Heroes, BombBuds, and The Null Society. Let's take a quick look at their upcoming roster.

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