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Performance Problems

How to speed up Mail in OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

If you use Apple's Mail app for OS X and have multiple accounts set up, you may have noticed some lagging issues, particularly if you're running Lion or Mountain Lion. I have been experiencing severe issues where takes several seconds to catch up with what I am typing or performs poorly when loading messages which results in excruciatingly long wait times. One of my colleagues shared an interesting piece with me by Brett Terpstra that fixed it for me in just a few steps:

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iPhone 3GS on iOS 4 with AT&T unlimited data plan, experiencing loss of data?

Just heard from one of the folks we know who updated his iPhone 3GS to iOS 4 yesterday only to lose his AT&T data connection completely. Today, when he could no longer even place calls, he contacted AT&T who, after several escalations, informed him there are isolated incidents of iPhone 3GS on iOS 4 with unlimited data plans no longer being able to connect to the network.

They told him they're working with Apple to fix it, and put him name on a contact list so they could let him know when it was resolved.

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