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performance tips

Best apps to monitor your Mac's performance: iStat Menus, gfxCardStatus, Disk Doctor, and more!

Macs always perform great out of the box, but over time they can start to feel slower and more sluggish. The reasons for that can seem mysterious, but often they're easy-to-fix if you can figure out what's gone wrong. That's where performance monitoring comes in! There are a lot of great performance monitoring tools for your Mac, but it can be tough sorting the really great ones from garbage. That's where iMore comes in! Here are the best apps for monitoring your Mac's performance!

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How to speed up your Mac by verifying and repairing disk permissions

If you've owned your Mac for quite a while, you may notice a slowdown in performance over time. A while back we gave you lots of ways to breathe new life into a dying Mac Pro. These tips may also apply to some other Mac models as well but if you're just looking for quick fixes when it comes to performance without altering hardware, verifying and repairing disk permissions can sometimes help.

Here's how to do it.

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