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Weird iPhone habits: Open slots, default layouts, and ringer switches, oh my...

Smartphones and other mobile technology are very personal devices. Not just that they're something that we have on us all the time, but they're devices that we customize to suit exactly our needs and our needs alone. We get used to how they're set up, and if we're handed somebody else's iPhone, well, we're lost. Just try dealing with somebody who has different Smart Corner settings on their Mac than you - it's maddening.

In customizing the set-ups for our devices we also customize our interactions with them. We develop weird habits and tendencies. Some of us are compulsive about the placement of icons in the launcher, others only want specific things in Notification Center. Sometimes it's about where we put the phone, and sometimes we just don't give a damn about some things that drive others insane.

Upon realizing that I do some weird and obsessive things with my iPhone, I asked the iMore editorial staff what weird things they do, and it turns out, we're weird. But you already knew that.

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