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Physics Games

Green Jelly dishes up tasty physics puzzles on iPhone and iPad

Physics puzzle games like Cut the Rope tend to do pretty well in mobile devices thanks to their short levels and simple controls.  Russian developer MaxNick has drawn from Cut the Rope’s formula in the past with Spider Jack, a game I liked even better than the original. Their latest physics puzzler Green Jelly shares much in common with games that came before it, plus some unique gameplay mechanics for good measure.

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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 launches a day early

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 was due to launch tomorrow, but since there's just not enough chaos with updating to iOS 7 right now, Rovio thought they'd kick off their latest physics game today.

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Zombie Ragdoll for iPhone and iPad lets you shoot zombies out of a cannon

Zombie Ragdoll is a physics-based game that sees you shooting zombies out of a cannon into various sharp objects. You have a limited number of zombies that you can fire in each level, and you must use each of the sharp objects on a level to kill zombies before you can move on to the next one.

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Amazing Alex hits the App Store, ricochets off physics-based fun

Amazing Alex for iPhone and iPod touch, and Amazing Alex HD for iPad, are now available in the App Store. The physics-based puzzle game, originally sold on the App Store as Casey's Contraptions, was bought and re-branded by Angry Birds maker, Rovio. It promises 100 levels of challenging fun, the ability to create and share your own levels, and the frequent, free updates that have made Angry Birds an enduring hit.

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Amazing Alex from Rovio coming to the iOS App Store July 12

Amazing Alex is the new game from Rovio -- they make Angry Birds, maybe you've heard of it? -- and it's coming to the App Store tomorrow, July 12. It's a physics puzzler, which is right in Rovio's wheelhouse, and if it's anywhere nearly as compelling as Angry Birds, it will no doubt cost lots of us lots of sleepless nights.

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Catapult King Review for iPhone and iPad

Catapult King by Wicked Witch Software launched onto iOS today, offering Angry Birds-style destruction with 3D models and a medieval twist. Your goal is to knock down castles that stand between you and a princess that has been captured by a dragon. You change lateral angle, elevation, and force of the catapult, and can get a bit of extra guidance thanks to magic potions that you earn over the course of gameplay or through in-app purchases.

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Best free iPhone games

Looking for even more free games for your iPhone or iPod touch? It goes without saying that the iPhone and iPod touch are a massively popular gaming platform -- and you told us they deserve more than a small mention in our top free iPhone apps post. So, we dove back into the App Store and found the very best free strategy games, free shooter games, free sports games, free casual games, free physics games, free action games, free role-playing games, and free racing games for iPhone and iPod touch!

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