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Use your iPhone to take a 360 degree look around Mars surface

As we all know, NASA has successfully sent its Curiosity Rover to Mars and it landed on the planet on August 6th. The mission’s aim was to discover the habitability of Mars along with its climate, geology and to gain enough information to possibly launch a manned mission in the future.

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Another probably fake iPhone 5 spy shot

A MacRumors forum member going by the handle guigsh posted the above photo(shop) in their forums this morning, claiming it was a spy shot of iPhone 5 taken in the office of a French operator. While we've seen spy shots of HP webOS devices under similar circumstances in the past, this one doesn't look much more believable than those [Chinese iClones we've been seeing lately].

A follow-up post from the thread author gives us the following information:

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Daily Tip: How to hide the “Photo Slideshow” option on your iPad lock screen

Passcoded your iPad but still worried someone could access your personal pictures via the Photo Slideshow button on the lock screen? Luckily, if you don’t want to use the slideshow button, there is a very simple way to remove it. We'll show you how... after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to add a Gravatar profile pic to your TiPb comments!

Noticed that some TiPb comments have avatars -- pictures of the commenters -- next to the comments? Curious how you can get your own picture up there? TiPb is using the cross-site Gravatar system in our comments and though it does take a few steps to set up, they're simple and painless and we'll show them to you after the break!

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AT&T Staggering MMS Roll-out, Pre-Launch Jitters

When you wake up Friday morning, don't expect to see MMS working on your iPhone immediately as AT&T will be systematically activating groups throughout the day, starting at 10 AM Eastern time. Also don't forget that to enable MMS on your iPhone you must first connect to iTunes and download and install an updated carrier file.

That is, if AT&T's network holds up as millions of iPhone users rush to test the new service. That very thought has AT&T feeling extremely nervous right now, according to MacRumors:


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