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Pixar team goes hands-on with the iPad Pro and Pencil stylus

Pixar's artists have gotten some pre-release hands-on time with the iPad Pro, along with its Pencil stylus, with several noting the palm rejection as near perfect.

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Build your own Radiator Springs with Cars: Fast as Lightning

Radiator Springs will never be the same after you get through with it! Cars: Fast as Lightning is now available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Build your own Radiator Springs and while you take on races with over 20 unique characters from the Cars universe, using nitro boosts and other surprises to drive your way to victory.

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Hang out with Mike and Sulley at Monsters University, on early release in the UK iTunes Store now!

UK Disney fans can't buy Monsters University on DVD or Blu Ray until November 11, but iTunes has it available to purchase now as part of its early release program. For £13.99 for the HD version and £9.99 for SD, the prequel to the original Monsters Inc. can be yours ahead of a rental release on November 11.

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Pixar names its main office building in dedication to former CEO Steve Jobs

Pixar, the makers of superb films like Monsters Inc. and more recently Brave has named its main office building in honor of the late Steve Jobs. The building which is part of the Pixar campus now proudly displays the sign “The Steve Jobs Building”, the new comes from Pixar Times.

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Mr. Ive Goes To Hollywood: iPhone Designer Designs for Wall-E

Pop quiz, hotshot: You're the acclaimed director of Finding Nemo and a Bug's Life. Your latest project, Wall-E, requires a state-of-the-art-of-design robot straight from the 26th century. What do you do?

If you answered, call your boss Steven P. Jobs, who also happens to run a little, perennially design-award winning, consumer electronics company called Apple, and see if he can hook you up with uber-designer Jonathan Ive, than you, like Andrew Stanton, are correct.

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