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AT&T offering a $100 discount off iPad purchases with a two year data plan

AT&T has announced that it will off a discount off any iPad or other tablet if you sign up for a new two year data plan. The new offer starts on November 9th and offers $100 off any iPad with LTE. The offer doesn’t just cover iPads either, any tablet that AT&T sells can qualify for the $100 discount.

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Verizon announces ShareEverything plan - unlimited talk, text and shared data for up to 10 devices

Verizon has announced a new family plan that includes a shared data bucket for households chocked-full of iPhones and iPads. Each smartphone can be added to the plan for $40 (which includes unlimited talk and text) while tablets cost $10. On top of that, you'll have to pay for the data you want to share.

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Apple Ramping Up iPhone Production, 40 Million a Year

Everybody has been playing the guessing game on how many iPhone 3Gs Apple has sold. The numbers have been pitted at 11 million this year and 25 million in 2009 on the low end and 13 million this year and 45 million in 2009 on the optimistic side. Well according to people familiar with Apple's production plans, it looks like Apple is preparing for the high end of the spectrum, upping their yearly production to around 40 million.

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