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Why Apple chose Twitter over Facebook

With the upcoming release of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple will be fully integrating Twitter social sharing across all of their included apps, as well as extending a developer API for 3rd party apps available through the Mac App Store. This follows similar integration in iOS 5 last year and leaves one huge, lingering question: where's the Facebook integration?

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Live From CTIA, It's Yahoo! BluePrint! (And Pics!)

Yahoo! oneConnect wasn't the only news to come steamrolling out of the CTIA Keynote yesterday, and TiPb senior editor Dieter Bohn was there live to capture it:

The big story is BluePrint -- it offers a very quick mobile services development platform based on XML. Basically it's a large set of XML setup you can program a mobile app in and it will display very nicely on different platforms -- iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc. They are opening it up for anybody and anybody can distribute however they'd like. Yahoo would prefer you use Yahoo's ads on your apps, but not requiring it.

While we await more on this latest contender/pretender for the "build once, deploy many" crown, check out Dieter's gallery o'pics straight from the keynote (after the jump), and head on over to WMExperts for the full play-by-play.

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iPhone App Development: It's a Living

As Rene just mentioned in the previous post, we're getting sales numbers for various iPhone apps and these sales numbers are very, very promising. John Casasanta of development house Tap Tap Tap hit us up on our tip line about his article on the sales figures at the App Store.

Early on, folks in the Blogosphere were able to get a handle on sales figures simply by checking the download count at the bottom of each page. Apple apparently decided that developers might just want to keep some of that info private, so that was taken down around the same time that Apple started actually delivering real sales numbers to developers. Many of these developers, as Rene mentioned, are just going ahead and publishing these sales numbers despite, as Casasanta says, traditional business instincts to hide exact numbers because they don't want to seem to be bragging or (if things aren't going well), failing.

But these numbers are news because of their sheer size -- it's almost as if developers are compelled to share in the same way we might if we'd, say, won the lottery. "Look, I know it's not nice to brag, but Holy Crap Look At This."

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