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Turn your Nintendo Switch into the ultimate console with a microSD card!

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Everything you need to know about the AT&T Unlimited plan

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The third public beta for iOS 10.3 is here! This is how you get it

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Apple releases third public beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4

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Get a lifetime of unlimited mobile backup from iDrive for $19.99

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Apple releases third developer beta of iOS 10.3

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iPhone 8 will reportedly feature 3D-sensing FaceTime camera

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tvOS 10.2 beta 3 now ready for developers

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Apple releases third beta of watchOS 3.2 to developers

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Four new iPad Pro models could be coming in March

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We're giving away the new full-grain leather slim wallets from Pad & Quill

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Hi, I'm an iPad Pro! — 'We hear you' brings classic feel to new ads

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Why Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac ever

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Pokémon Go Gen 2 Guide — New info!

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Billboard's cover: Shot on iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

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How to delete your Twitter account 🚫🐥


Nintendo Switch FAQ: Everything you need to know!

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Here are the best new iPhone games out and on sale now!

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How to use your AirPods when you're offline


Why you might (and might not) want an indoor security camera in your home

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Did you get an iPhone SE? [Poll]

Apple has a new 4-inch phone with iPhone SE, but did you get one? Let me know in our latest poll!

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Have you upgraded to one of the iPhones 6 or iPhones 6s?

Forty percent of iPhone owners have already moved up to an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s (or one of the larger Plus versions) — are you one of them?

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Do you want a smaller iPhone? [Poll]

When all Apple made were smaller iPhones, there were nothing but rumors and calls for bigger iPhones. Now that Apple makes bigger iPhones, there are nothing but rumors and calls for smaller iPhones again. That's because tastes are broad and Apple currently only makes two latest-generation iPhones to cover them all. But what if that changed?

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What was your first iPhone?

If Apple sticks to the same pattern as the last few years, we're only a couple of weeks away from the unveiling of the next-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and only a few weeks away from launch. So, before we leap forward we thought it would be interesting to take a quick look back.

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Which Apple Watch did you get?

Apple Watch is now available for pre-order, so the question becomes — which one did you pre-order?

Which Apple Watch did you get?

I went with the 42mm Space Black Apple Watch. 4-6 weeks delivery though. My mother and sister both went space gray Apple Watch Sport. Looks like 3-5 weeks delivery for them. Depending on the case and band you chose, and how fast you chose it, you might be getting yours on April 24... or sometime thereafter.

So, vote in the poll to the left to let me know which case you went with, and add your details, including shipping estimate below, including any extra bands you might have picked up. (I added a black sport band and a Milanese, because.)

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Which iCloud services are you using?

iCloud offers numerous services, including mail, contacts, and calendars, iCloud Drive, iCloud Photo Library, Backup, iCloud Keychain, and Find my iPhone.

Which iCloud features do you use?

If you have an Apple ID, including an iTunes account, you have an iCloud account. You just have to use it. Since you can toggle each and every iCloud feature on or off on in your iPhone or iPad Settings, or your Mac System Preferences, the question then becomes, which iCloud services are you using?

Is iCloud handling your mail and syncing your contacts, calendars, reminders, Safari bookmarks, notes, Passbook passes, and other personal data? Is iCloud Drive storing your files and making them available on all your devices? Is iCloud Photo Library keeping all your photos available on every device? Is iCloud Keychain handling your passwords and credit card information? Is Find my iPhone tracking your iPhone, iPad, and/or Mac in case you lose it or it gets stolen?

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Are you going to delete the Uber app?

Are you deleting the Uber app?

Uber, the popular car service app, has been in the news a lot lately, and in the worst possible way. Earlier this year The Verge wrote about their competitive tactics, which to many crossed the line beyond competition. More recently, Pando Daily called Uber out over apparent sexism in their corporate culture. Buzzfeed exposed an incredibly inappropriate ad campaign. And Pando Daily revealed another series of serious allegations. Then, last night, Buzzfeed watched as an Uber executive, Emil Michael... Well, read for yourself:

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Are you using a custom keyboard on your iPhone?

Are you using a custom keyboard on your iPhone?

When iOS 8 shipped with custom keyboard support, it was a dream come true for anyone and everyone who'd fallen in love with SwiftKey, Swype, or any of the other established players. It also turned out to be a boon for emoji and animated GIF aficionados the world over. Yet the reality was custom keyboards were unintuitive to install and inconsistent to use. So, given all that, are you still using them?

Vote in the poll up top and let me know why not, or why and which one(s), in the comments below!

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Which new iPad will you be getting? [Poll]

Which new iPad will you be getting?

Apple has made its new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 official, and better yet they'll be up for pre-order tomorrow. Since we've taken a first look now and had chance to think about it a little, it seems like a good time to find out who's going to be getting what. So, which of the new iPads will you be getting?

The iPad Air 2 has the edge on the hardware front, but that aside the two still have a lot in common. Both launch on iOS 8.1, both have Touch ID and both will be available in silver, gold and Space Gray. Or maybe you skipped the last generation iPad mini 12 months ago and think that now's the time to pick one up?

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What do you want to see most from today's Apple event?

What do you want to see most from today's Apple event?

Apple is hosting a little get together at its Cupertino, California, headquarters today so it's time to think about what we want to see the most. We've previewed what the iMore team thinks will – and won't – be shown off today by the likes of Tim Cook and Craig Federighi, but we can but dream. Will we get new Macs? New iPads? Yosemite? That famous "One more thing?" Knowing Apple any or all of the above, but what do you want to see the most?

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