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Poll Results

17 thousand iMore readers have voted! Find out who's getting an iPhone 6... and who's getting an iPhone 6 Plus!

The iPhone 6 is the next generation iPhone from Apple. The iPhone 6 Plus is the next generation iPhone from Apple with a bigger screen, longer battery life, optical image stabilization, and iPad-style apps in landscape. But, big. As much tiny iPad as it is huge iPhone. And that's led to a lot of questions and concerns over which one to get. We posted our iPhone buyers guide to try and help you choose, and then we asked you what choice you made. Almost 17K of you responded. So what was the answer? Which iPhone β€” iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus β€” will you be getting?

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What's your next dream Mac? Find out!

There are rumors of a Retina MacBook Air, of a 4K iMac or 4K Thunderbolt 2 Display, we're still waiting on the Haswell Mac mini and some even hold-to-hope for an iOS MacBook Air that can detach into an iPad Air. So far this year Apple has only done minor processor bumps and price cuts to their existing Mac lineup. But what happens when we get whatever is coming next? That's why we asked the question β€”Β What's your next dream Mac?. Well, here's what you answered!

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What's your perfect iPhone 6 screen size? Find out!

There are rumors that the next-generation iPhone 6 from Apple β€” expected to arrive something this fall β€” will sport a screen size of 4.7-inches, and maybe 5.5-inches as well. That means it'll go from the old 3.5-inches and current 4-inches, which are now on the small side of the phone size spectrum, all the way up to middle and potentially large. From mini to maxi is broad range though, everything from easy to use with one hand to big enough you might not need a tablet anymore. That's why we asked the question β€” what's the perfect iPhone screen size for you? Well, here's your answer!

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How many of you use your iPads as much or more than Tim Cook? Find out!

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook says he does 80% of his work on his iPad, and that means 80% of running one of the most valuable companies on earth. You've got to imagine that includes handling his mail, likely his calendar, and probably a lot of information reading, including a lot a numbers. How much of the rest is on his iPhone vs. his Mac is interesting to ponder, but the bottom like is he gets not only most of his daily work done on iPad. So we asked the question β€” how much can you? β€”Β and here are your answers!

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150,000 iPads Pre-Ordered, Which Ones are TiPb Getting?

With estimates of Apple's first weekend of iPad pre-orders already topping 150,000 units, we thought we'd take a quick look at just which models TiPb readers -- and staff -- were getting. We posted our survey on Friday, just as pre-orders started and the results can be seen above. A lot of you are either not getting one or are waiting before taking the plunge. For those of you who did pre-order, the cheapest 16GB iPad Wi-Fi was most popular, followed by the most expensive 64GB iPad 3G, and then the 32GB Wi-Fi model.

As to TiPb (and SPE!) staff, here's what we're getting and why:

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TiPb Poll Results: Verizon Couldn't Handle iPhone Either

In light of AT&T's continuing challenge to support the iPhone and provide adequate coverage and service to iPhone users, TiPb asked our readers whether they thought Verizon could better handle the iPhone. Rumored to have been Apple's first choice, Verizon's advertising focuses specifically on the reliability and reach of their network. Could things have been different if Apple went with them instead?

The results of TiPb's poll to date are:

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