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Turn your Nintendo Switch into the ultimate console with a microSD card!

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Everything you need to know about the AT&T Unlimited plan

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The third public beta for iOS 10.3 is here! This is how you get it

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Apple releases third public beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4

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Get a lifetime of unlimited mobile backup from iDrive for $19.99

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Apple releases third developer beta of iOS 10.3

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iPhone 8 will reportedly feature 3D-sensing FaceTime camera

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tvOS 10.2 beta 3 now ready for developers

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Apple releases third beta of watchOS 3.2 to developers

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Four new iPad Pro models could be coming in March

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We're giving away the new full-grain leather slim wallets from Pad & Quill

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Hi, I'm an iPad Pro! — 'We hear you' brings classic feel to new ads

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Why Touch ID makes the MacBook Pro the best Mac ever

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Pokémon Go Gen 2 Guide — New info!

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Billboard's cover: Shot on iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

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How to delete your Twitter account 🚫🐥


Nintendo Switch FAQ: Everything you need to know!

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Here are the best new iPhone games out and on sale now!

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How to use your AirPods when you're offline


Why you might (and might not) want an indoor security camera in your home

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Would you want a 5, 7, 8, or 12-inch iPad?

If Apple were to expand the iPad family, if they were to offer a single additional screen size for the iPad, if they answered all questions about software compatibility, even if it meant a third scale for apps (between iPhone and iPad, or larger than iPad), what size would you want? If you could get a 5.5, 7, 8, or 12-inch iPad, which would it be and why?

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AT&T's upgrade fee doubling February 12

If you're looking to be picking up a new device on AT&T any time soon, you'll want note the latest change in upgrade fee's coming to AT&T.

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Poll: What hardware features do you want in iPad 3?

Attention iMore Nation! Now that it looks like Apple is getting close to announcing the iPad 3, it's time to get serious about what we're expecting from it. Let's start with hardware.

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Do you use mobile health and fitness products?

Do you use mobile health and fitness products?

Mobile Nations Health and Fitness Month has begun and we're all already picking out goals and getting into gear -- but I wanted to find out where we were all starting from first? CES 2012 showed us that mobile is increasingly becoming more than just communications, it's becoming lifestyle. A big part of that is health and fitness.

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What new hardware are you most looking forward to from Apple in 2012?

What new hardware do you most want from Apple in 2012?

There are a thousand rumors floating around about new Apple hardware this year but we're only interested in one -- your most wanted. As expected, both CES 2012 and Macworld 2012 have come and gone without a peep from Apple, but they did give us an education event with some iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U goodness. But I'm about ready for new hardware.

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Poll: iPad 2 jailbreak

So the iPad 2 untethered jailbreak is now live, and just like with the iPhone, Ally has already posted -- and keeps updating -- her simply superb iPad 2 jailbreak how-to, but given that iPad jailbreaking has historically been less popular than iPhone jailbreaking, I'm left to wonder how many of you have actually cracked open your bigger screened iOS devices? How many of you have jailbroken your iPad 2?

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Poll: iPhone 4S jailbreak

o the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak is now live and Ally has already posted up a magnificent iPhone 4S jailbreak how-to, so all that's left is for me to ask you if you're pulling the trigger? Are you jailbreaking your iPhone 4S?

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So what did you think of Apple's education event?

So what did you think of Apple's education event?

So now Apple's education event is over and the dust has settled and we have iBooks 2, iBooks Author, and iTunes U, and there seems to be a bit of a mixed reaction.

Some people think Apple is spearheading a new generation of in-depth, interactive, learning tools to bring textbooks and classrooms into the next generation. Others think Apple has once again created a proprietary platform to once again exert draconian control over and increase platform lock-in.

Some people think Apple has created an alternative to the expensive, outdated, antiquated books students used to have to lug around. Others think Apple sucks for not offering $12 iPads to go along with it.

We'll be back to give you our collective opinions later, but right now it's your turn, iMore Nation. What do you think of Apple's educational offerings?

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What do you expect from Apple's education event?

What do you expect from Apple's education event?

Apple's New York education event is only half-a-day away, so there's no better time to ask you, smart and snappily dressed members of the iMore Nation, what you expect to see?

While the rumors suggest no hardware, which means no iPad 3, I think many of us are holding out at least a little secret hope that Apple pulls a fast one and decides to show off just how good educational material looks on a 2048x1536 resolution Retina display. What, a girl can dream, can't she?

Fine. Back to reality. Electronic textbooks (eTextbooks? iTextbooks?) are one of the biggest rumors, thanks to Steve Jobs mentioning how ripe they were for disruption. Will they be iBooks-style ePub books? A new format? A proprietary new format? Will they be sold in an iTextbookStore, or will they be handled the way Apple is handling TV and movie content, via apps collected in a special Newsstand-style folder?

Will iTextbooks be produced exclusively by Apple and for iOS? Will traditional textbook publishers be able to participate? Will you and me? If Apple makes a publishing tool as easy to use as iWork's Pages, that might just be possible.

iTunes U is a terrific resource and certainly education-focused. Could iTunes U play a roll in Apple's announcements?

We'll find out for sure tomorrow (and make sure you join us for a special edition of iPhone and iPad Live at 10am ET and follow along for the event!), but in the meantime, what do you think? Vote in the poll above and make your best guesses in the comments below!

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Poll: Are you going to pay Verizon's new $2 convenience tax?

If you listened to Girls Gone Gadgets last night, you heard Ashley, Kim, and me debate Verizon's new $2 convenience tax -- where and when it's actually applied and how much money they stand to make from it over the course of a year. (Plus, perhaps, some mature language and impassioned ranting.) But at the end of the day it doesn't matter what anybody thinks but Verizon customers. If you're one of them, is $24 a year insignificant to you? Is it annoying but something you'll just pay attention to avoid? Or is it the last straw that drives you to another carrier? (Who might just be smart enough to phrase or hide their fees better -- cough, Sprint, cough.)

We're running a cross-site Mobile Nations poll, so vote below and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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