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Over half of smartphone buyers plan to purchase iPhone 4S

ChangeWave has a new survey out indicating 54 percent of near-term smartphone buyers are planning on picking up the iPhone 4S over competing devices.

The late December survey looked at smart phone demand trends going forward, and finds Apple iPhone demand remains incredibly strong more than two months after the iPhone 4S release. Among respondents planning to buy a new smart phone in the next 90 days, better than one-in-two (54%; down 11-pts) say they'll get an iPhone. Apple has never dominated smart phone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release.

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Game Developers Like iPhone More than Nintendo DS, Sony PSP

According to Game Developers Research, their new study shows the iPhone platform is more popular with game developers than either the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. Electronista sums up:

Demand for the iPhone has surged to where about 19 percent of all game developers are writing for the iPhone and iPod touch. The figure is more than twice as high as for the DS and PSP and results in three quarters of all mobile game developers writing for Apple's handhelds.

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Nielson: iPhone Most Popular Phone in the US

Nielson reports that the iPhone 3G is the most popular phone in the US with 4% "embedded base of all subscribers".

BOGO-buoyed BlackBerrys come in a close second, followed by Motorola's monstrous RAZR. Now that's the sheer-face-of-the-cliff-style functionality drop-off right there, isn't it?

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56% of Would-be Smartphone Buyers Lusting After iPhone 3G

What's this year's new hottie in Smartphone-ville? (Not) Surprisingly, the same as last year's, only this time all dressed up in 3G chic.

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