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Revised iOS 5.0.1 update may make Siri port legally possible

Apple's revised iOS 5.0.1 update seems to have come with decrypted ramdisks, something which could make the port of Siri to other iOS devices legally possible. Before today’s firmware update, important files to get Siri working on other devices were encrypted in Apple’s file system. Decrypting them would be illegal and infringe on copyright and that is the main reason for it not being made available.

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Siri ported to iPhone 4 via questionable jailbreak mod

A new jailbreak mod by the name of H1Siri claims to allow a fully working port of Siri on the iPhone 4, but this one comes with a number of questionable aspects.

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Apple Gets Intel to Create "Light Peak" Optical Connection -- All Your Ports Has Belong to Us

According to an Engadget exclusive, Apple brought a new specification for optical port connection to Intel who, after some heated back and forth, has produced Light Peak:

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Doom for iPhone Update

John Carmack has written an update on his Doom port for the iPhone, and he's continuing the same candor he began with his Wolfenstein 3D post. What are we getting? A classic in almost every sense of the word:

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