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Sprint drops the iPhone 4S price by $50 ahead of new iPhone announcement

Sprint is the first Carrier to start slashing prices of the current iPhone 4S after it reduced the price of the 16GB entry level model by $50 over the weekend. The iPhone 4S previously cost $199 with a two year plan with Sprint so this is a significant reduction.

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Apple's New UK Prices

Today, the UK see a rise in their VAT from 17.5% to 20%. This morning, Apple's Online Store went down and when it reopened, it showed the new prices, with the new VAT.

Check after the break for a list of the new prices for the iPad, iPhone, iPods and the AppleTV.

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O2 Releases iPhone 3G S Pricing for UK, Yeah

With AT&T US and Rogers Canada having already weighed in, TUAW now brings word on what the chaps across the pond can expect for the iPhone 3G S, and it's, well... a lot of numbers, innit?

Check out their full post for all the details on Monthly and Pay & Go Plans, but highlights include:

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Is the $199 iPhone Still Too Expensive?

With the launch of the iPhone 3G, Apple dropped the price point to a carrier-subsidized $199 for the 8GB model. Naturally, that led the usual suspects to complain it wasn't cheaper. It should be $99. It should be free. They should pay us $199 to take it!

Somewhat -- if only slightly -- more seriously, however, that's pretty much what Apple Insider says Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty's studies are showing, with fully 46% turning their nose up at the current price point. She claims that sales of the iPhone 3G were half as strong in September and October when compared to July and September, and suggests:

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iPhone 3G in Japan: Prices & Plans Released!

Counting down to its July 11 multi-national debut, Japan's Softbank has announced (in Japanese, 'natch) their official iPhone 3G prices and plans. The hardware itself will cost ¥23,040 for 8GB and ¥34,560 for 16GB, a roughly 7% premium over Steve Jobs' US$199 maximum, amortized over the length of the pre-requisite 2 year contract.

Plans will be color coded, primarily in white, but rumor has it also in orange and blue. Based on the linked-to details, this color system is impenetrable enough I can't believe North American carriers haven't rushed to adopt it!

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iPhone 3G. Now Selling for Just $199

Read that title again, and realize that the iPhone 3G will sell for LESS than the infamous price drop given the original iPhone before the holidays. (Recap: it's started at $599 and was dropped to $399 with early adapters getting an equally infamous $100 Apple Store gift certificate Jobs-a-culpa).

And while the price drop was big news then, the retail price of $199 should be HUGE news today.

At $199, that's HALF the price of the original iPhone at its lowest. It's the SAME price as an 8GB iPod Nano. It's LESS than an iPod Classic, and MUCH LESS than an iPod Touch!

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