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Price Cut

Apple shifting iPad 2 production to new Brazilian plant?

Bloomberg reports that Apple has cut iPad 2 orders from Foxconn in China by up to 25%, which likely indicates Apple shifting production to the new Brazilian plant, according to JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz.

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Apple TV: 160GB Price Cut, 40GB Completely Cut

Speaking of Apple TV and the future, MacRumors reports that Apple's "hobby" lost its smaller SKU this morning as the 40GB Apple TV was cut from the Apple Store -- and Apple product lineup -- and the 160GB Apple TV was given a healthy price cut down from $329 to $229 [Apple Store link].

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Hudson Offering Free iPhone Games Right Now

Hudson, maker of a ton of different iPhone games, is offering a limited time free download for three of their most popular games! We already told you about Aqua Forest, but now Catch the Egg and Neo Same Game have also been price dropped to the low, low price of FREE. Act fast and download now because the free trial offer is supposed to end on Oct 12th, which is only a couple hours away!

Here are the iTunes Store Links:

Aqua Forest (formerly $7.99)

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MLB At Bat Is On Sale! But Buyer Beware!

MLB At Bat just announced a price cut that puts the price at a very affordable $2.99 (from $5) to get an impressive app with a slick interface and great features. Good deal, right? How thoughtful of you MLB to cut the price just in time for playoffs so us fans can get a taste of the action. WRONG.

Why is it a bad deal? Because you have to buy MLB At Bat again next year! The current version of MLB At Bat will expire after the end of the season which is in approximately the end of this month. Maybe even sooner. So if it's worth it to you to spend money on an app that will be useless in a few weeks time, by golly do it! But for the rest of us, Sportacular should work fine.

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