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App Store prices increasing in Canada, Mexico and more thanks to exchange rates

The App Stores in a handful of countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Israel, will see prices on both paid apps and in-app purchase increase thanks to fluctuating exchange rates.

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App Store prices see international increase thanks to exchange rates

Apple is changing App Store prices in several countries, making alterations based on fluctuating values in foreign currencies. Prices based on the Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Turkish Lira, and South African Rand will all be increased, while prices based on Israel's New Shekel as well as some based on the New Zealand Dollar will decrease.

These sorts of adjustments are made from time to time because of changes in currency exchange rates. The changes are expected to take place within the next 24 hours.

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Base European App Store prices rise from €0.79 to €0.89

According to numerous European readers, the lowest App Store price tier has just changed from €0.79 to €0.89 (to put that in rough perspective, imagine the U.S. base price going from $0.99 to $1.12). Whether that reflects updated exchange rates or other factors of doing business in Europe, including taxes and other charges, is unknown at this time.

If you're seeing higher prices in your local App Store, let us know what they are, and what the difference is.

UPDATE: Federico Viticci of MacStories has confirmed price changes in 15 countries, and a switch to local currencies in 8.

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AT&T not allowing upgrade prices for early iPhone 4 adopters?

As of right now, it appears as though AT&T will not be honoring upgrade prices for the iPhone 4S to early iPhone 4 adopters. In the past, early adopters have been able to purchase the new iPhone at the upgrade price even though their account wasn't technically available for an upgrade yet.

I purchased the iPhone 4 on the day of release, but when checking my availability for the iPhone 4S from Apple's website, I'm presented with the following prices:

Before November 25, 2011:

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LulzSec leaks shows AT&T considered speed and session-based pricing for LTE?

LulzSec dumped one last load of AT&T documents on the internet, which though outdated and never meant for public consumption, does give some insight into some of the things they were at least considering -- like speed and session-based pricing for their upcoming LTE network.

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CEOh-Snap! Ballmer Says iPhone/Capacitive Touch Too Expensive! (That'll be $800 for the Xperia Please!)

We have to wonder if Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has some insidious plot to make his PR people pull their hair out, so they'll look just as Fester'ian as he himself. Or maybe he's just jealous of the love TiPb's been giving Palm's Roger McNamee lately? How else can you account for the glorious (for bloggers!) content he keeps spewing in our general direction?

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Updated! iPhone 3G International Update: Australia Plans & Prices, Canada Stumbles, Sweden Crumbles?

Thanks to reader, Adam R. who wrote in to let us know Australian rates have been revealed, and his Blackberry can now "go the way of the dodo".

First up is Optus who've announced both pre-paid and post-paid plans. Pre-paid Turbo Caps start at AUS$30 for an AUS$30 "mycredit", AUS$110 "mybonus", and AUS$30 "mytime money" -- but no "mydata". At AUS$100 you get 100/800/100 and Plus 1GB "mydata". On these plans, and 8GB iPhone 3G will run you AUS$729 and 16GB, AUS$849. Not confusing enough for non-Ozzies, plan rates weigh in at AUS$0.78/min. for national calls,AUS$0.35 per "Flagfall" call, and AUS$02.2/KB weekdays and AUS$1.1/KB for "iZoo Browsing".

Read on for Post-paid, Telestra's first statement, Canadian craziness, and some Swedish relief!

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