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iPads are overpriced... compared to what?

Before the iPad launched it was rumored to cost $1000. When Steve Jobs announced it at an Apple special event in 2010, the starting price ended up being $500. Given the expectation and the presentation, the price sounded great. Now, following the latest iPad event, and the introducing of the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini, there are grumblings that the price is too high. That Apple is blowing it. In a short, but very worthwhile blog post today, independent analyst and consultant Benedict Evans published his thoughts on iPad pricing.

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iPhone 4S sticking around, will be free on contract

The iPhone 4S will remain in the iPhone lineup, despite the fact that the iPhone 5 is being discontinued. The 4S will be available as an 8GB model for free on contract.

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Imagining iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: Pricing and availability

New designs, new processors, new radios, new features big and small, at the end of the day it still all comes down to how much it costs and whether or not you can even get it. Urban myth tells us Steve Jobs was responsible for dreaming Apple's amazing products into existence, but Tim Cook was the one who figured out how to get them made as efficiently and economically as possible. For the iPhone 5s there probably won't be any big surprises, though there could be some storage size and color option twists. For the iPhone 5c, however, it could be a whole new thing.

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How to price your apps, sell them, and earn a living

Former developer tools evangelist at Apple, Michael Jurewitz has been going flat out on the writing circuit this past week, topped off by a an insane final lap consisting of a 5-part series on understanding App Store pricing.

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AT&T vs Verizon vs T-Mobile vs Sprint: Which iPhone 5 carrier should you choose?

If you're in the U.S. it's probably not so easy deciding which carrier is best for your iPhone 5 needs, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and now T-Mobile. Price is always a huge factor to consider when choosing a carrier, but coverage should be just as, if not more, important when making a decision. Since the iPhone 5 supports LTE cellular technology, you're going to want to take a close look at which carriers offer the best LTE coverage in your area. Then there's the matter of simultaneous voice and data -- AT&T and T-Mobile can do it over HSPA data, but Sprint and Verizon need Wi-Fi. And don't forget international roaming.

First, let's take a look at prices.

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Everything Everywhere finally reveals its LTE pricing, offers just 8GB maximum data allowance

UK network Everything Everywhere has finally revealed its pricing structure for its LTE data service which starts on October 30th. Everything Everywhere has a UK exclusive on LTE for the foreseeable future and to be fair that is reflected in the costs of the plans.

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All 700 Orange and T-Mobile shops to be re-branded as EE by the end of the month

Today EE (formerly Everything Everywhere) announced that all 700 of the Orange and T-Mobile stores will be re-branded as EE by the end of the month to coincide with the 4G roll out. The news arrives along with some special EE staff training that is happening at the NEC in Birmingham where 12,000 internal staff and 3000 partners will learn about the new brand.

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EE (T-Mobile & Orange) announce iPhone 5 pricing and new data plans

Pre-orders are now open at EE UK for the iPhone 5 and as well as giving you the ability to get your order in quick I am pleased to say they have some new data packages to cope with the ever evolving cloud options that us smartphone users now get. Users will also have the option to switch over to the 4G service once it goes live here in the UK. As you would imagine prices of Apples new iPhone are pretty steep but EE have some nice options depending on which model and which data allowance you will require. The following information I have acquired from the Orange website, however T-Mobile do have some slight alternatives.

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iPhone 5 European pricing revealed, 16GB model suffers price increase

Apple has now revealed the pricing for an off contract SIM free iPhone 5 in various European countries and if you thought last year’s prices were expensive this year will see those costs go up again. Last year Apple sold the iPhone 4S 16GB version in the UK for £499.00, this year the iPhone 5 16GB model will be sold for £529.00; that’s an increase of around 6%.

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Poll: How much do you think Apple would charge for an 8GB iPad mini?

How much would Apple charge for an 8GB iPad mini?

How much do you think Apple would change for an 8GB iPad mini? We've already had Chris Umiastowski weigh in with the investor perspective, but I'm all about the iMore nation -- I want to know what you think. The Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7 are both $200 but both are also sold at break even or below, and Apple doesn't do that. Amazon and Google also have very different business models, and ones that don't require profitable hardware sales the way Apple's does.

Now Apple does sell the 8GB iPod touch for $200 already, but that hasn't been updated since 2010 and probably costs quite a bit less than that to make. Could Apple sell an iPad mini for the same price? If Apple keeps the entry-level iPod touch at $200, could Apple sell the iPad mini at $250? At $300?

The 16GB iPad 2 is currently $400. Could Apple get the entry-level iPad mini up anywhere near that? $350 maybe?

I don't think Apple could or would go lower than the current iPod touch, and I don't think they could (even if they would!) go any higher than the current iPad 2. So that leaves us with a range for about $200 to $350. Where do you see the iPad mini fitting in?

Check out all the info we put together on the iPad mini and then vote up top and tell me why you voted the way you did in the comments below!

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