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Scopy for iPhone Twitter giveaway!

Scopy for iPhone is an extremely well put together Twitter client with a catch. Scopy only focuses on your Twitter friends' photo streams. It's very similar to services like Instagram but pulls all your friends existing Twitter photos from your stream. You can choose to sort by individual friend as well.

When I want to upload a photo, I can choose my photo service and apply filters as well. Scopy also pulls photos from tons of photo services, so you'll never miss your friend's photos. Hit the jump for a bit more on Scopy and to find out how you can win a complimentary copy!

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Promo codes now work in international App Stores

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users outside the US rejoice, for Apple has raised its countenance and finally blessed us with Promo Codes that work in international App Stores. UK? Yup. Canada? You betcha. Corto Maltese? Uh... we'll get back to you.

Promo codes are a great way to offer your app to the media for promotional purposes or for them to review and test your app. Your promo code distribution is no longer limited to U.S. customers. Promo codes can now be redeemed through any App Store around the world. You can request 50 promo codes per version of your app from iTunes Connect.

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iTunes sending out free movie rentals

Apple started sending out free iTunes movie rental codes to iTunes users today. The promo code will allow you to rent one of the 8,500 available movies.

Redeem your free movie rental below, and start watching one of your favorite movies on iTunes. Watch what you want, when you want. Enjoy movie rentals on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, the all-new Apple TV, or on your computer. You have 30 days from the moment you rent a movie to start watching, and 24 hours to finish it.

Apple has not indicated the reason behind this promotion, but we're not complaining - we'll gladly accept a free rental. Perhaps this is Apple's way of saying "Happy Holidays".

Who's received a free rental code? What do you plan to rent? Do you plan to watch it on your iPhone or iPad?


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Clearcam for iPhone Promo Code Giveaway!

We reviewed Clearcam for iPhone last week, and this week, the developer was nice enough to share some promo codes with us to give out to you guys! Since our review, the developer released an update to the app that fixed some of the issues I had, such as some shots coming out a bit blurry for an unknown reason. He's also added a few tweaks that have made the overall image quality even better!

What do you have to do to get your hands on a code you ask? Simply leave a comment below, that's it. We'll pick a handful of you at random on Friday to win some codes.Β  Remember! To win a code, you must leave a comment with a VALID e-mail address. If I can't send you an e-mail at the account you left the comment with, another comment will be selected.

UPDATE: Give-away is over, winners after the break!

And don't forget, we also do giveaways on Twitter from time to time randomly, so if you haven't already, follow us on Twitter for chances to win other promo codes as well!

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Leanna - @llofte

Ally - @iMuggle

The developers of Clearcam are also on Twitter, so give them a follow as well!



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Apple Reverses Decision, Allows Promo Codes for Apps Rated 17+

According to developers, Apple has reversed it's previous decision and will now allow Promo Codes to be generated for iTunes App Store apps rated 17+ -- which includes any application that embeds a browser or otherwise allows unfettered access to the internet.

TUAW adds that:

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Developer: Serious Doubts About App Store, Does Apple Care?, from the developer behind Tumblr and Instapaper, has a post up highlighting the latest App Store controversy -- that all web-embedded apps must be rated 17+ and now don't get Promo Codes -- and comes to this conclusion:

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Apple Creates App Store Promo Codes! (US Only!)

Toby Vincent of SmudgeApps wrote in to let us know that along with general App Store distribution and the 100-device Ad Hoc method universities and beta testers have been using, Apple has just opened the door to a new system:

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