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Proximity Sensor

How to fix the proximity sensor cable on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G

If you're having issues with the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, or earpiece speaker on your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G, the proximity sensor cable may just be the actual culprit. Luckily, a proximity sensor cable is inexpensive and relatively easy to replace.

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CallLock fixes proximity sensor bug [Jailbreak]

CallLock is a new tweak available for Jailbroken iPhones that does exactly what it says -- it locks your phone once an incomming or an outgoing call is connected. If you are like me and your iPhone 4 is still having proximity sensor issues issues then this will prevent you from ever face dialing, muting and ending calls ever again.

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Vote now for iPhone/iPad #fail of the year! - TiPb Awards

The 2010 TiPb Awards have begun and it's time to vote on all your favorites. This time it's a booby prize of sorts, the iPhone/iPad/Apple #fail of the year. Hey, every device and company has its share of ups and downs, right? With Apple level highs can only come equally deep lows, and 2010 saw some doozies!

But there can only be one 2010 TiPb Award winner, so vote up in the pole above and then let us know why you chose the #fail you did in comments below. (And if you don't see your favorite #fail here, add it as a write-in as well!)

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iOS 4.1 to fix proximity sensor, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G performance bugs

Steve Jobs began his introduction of iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch not by listing the new features, but by listing the bugs it fixes -- proximity sensor, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G.

Each of those were annoying enough to be near deal-breakers for some, so their being fixed is certainly good news. Finally.

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iPhone 4 proximity sensor issues, iOS 4 bugs, iOS 4 apps, Accessories - From the Forums

The TiPb forums are naturally a great place to talk, commiserate, celebrate, get help, and offer advice to your fellow iPhone users. In order to create a new thread of your own or reply to any of the existing threads, you must be a registered member. Becoming a member is easy and free so if you haven’t already head on over and register now!

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More potential iPhone 4 proximity sensor fixes

Still suffering from iPhone 4 proximity sensor problems? Face dialing a family member while on the phone for business? Hanging up or muting with the brush of a cheek? Macworld has a list of things that could help fix it up:

  • Reset "Network Settings"
  • Reset "All Settings"
  • Soft reboot (hold down sleep button)
  • Hard reboot (hold down sleep + home)

Like the clean re-install we mentioned previously, some of these seem to work for some people with the problem some of the time. Hey, it's problem solving in complete darkness, it'll be hit and miss. Macworld's "hunch" is that it's not as widespread as the antenna attenuation problem and that it's most likely a software glitch that will get fixed in the next firmware updated. That doesn't mean, however, that it won't drive afflicted users crazy in the meantime.

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Proximity sensor woes under iOS 4? There's a clean install for that

Is your proximity sensor malfunctioning under iOS 4, leading your cheek to hang up on calls or otherwise frustrate your ability to have a conversation? iPhone's proximity sensor is supposed to detect when the iPhone is moved up and close to your face so it can dim the screen and turn off multitouch, preventing just those types of problems. With iOS 4, for some users, it seems to randomly stop working, making multitouch live again, and that's when the problems start.

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iPhone 3G's 3rd Sensor? Another Proximity Sensor

There have been reports that the iPhone 3G was sporting a third sensor on the face of the phone. Well the details have come out and it's a...second proximity sensor! Yep, no front-facing camera, just another feature we already had.

I assume you are a little disappointed in the news, but for what it's worth, the second proximity sensor will provide better accuracy compared to the original iPhone's one proximity sensor get up. It's supposed to improve the iPhone's face proximity detection and well 2 is better than 1 right?

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