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Sony announces touch-friendly PSP2 (NGP) and PlayStation Suite -- could it come to iPhone and iPad?

Still surprising if not a surprise, Sony has made the decoupling their PlayStation games from PlayStation hardware -- like the new PSP2/NGP -- official with the launch of PlayStation Suite. Android is the only other platform targeted right now (which makes sense given Sony Ericsson's Android phone investment) but could the 160 million install base strong iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad iOS platform come online in the future?

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PlayStation official app now available in Europe

The PlayStation official app is now available in the App Store. Before you get too excited though, the app does not let you play any games and seems to be available just in Europe.

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Steve Jobs: iPod touch more popular than Nintendo DS and Sony PSP combined

Yesterday during Apple's annual Special Music Event Steve Jobs announced that the iPod touch was more popular than both Nintendo's DS and Sony's PSP... combined. Jobs also said more than 1.5 games and entertainment apps have been downloaded by iPod touch devices to date.

However, as every gadget and gaming blog has since pointed out, while iPod touch has sold in the mid tens of millions of units (Apple doesn't often break them out), Nintendo's DS series has sold 132 million all on its lonesome, so take this with a "biggest mobile company" type grain of salt.

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New Sony PSP ad takes aim at iPhone

Sony has released a new ad for their PSP gaming system and it takes aim squarely at Apple's iPhone and iOS gaming.

"That [iPhone] ain't built for big boy games", the latest PSP spokeskid, Marcus Rivers, says to a goofy looking guy playing "Lame Castle". "That's built for texting your grandma and calling your girl."

Rivers then shows off a few older, $9.99 catalog titles, and calls the goofy guy to drive home the $9.99 price point before hitting the tag line: "step your game up."

Obviously this acknowledges the growing competition from iPhone, especially the low price point of iOS games.

And since goofy guy can text grandma, call his girl, and play great new games without having to lug around a second, gigantic device -- one that's still bound to physical media and hasn't seen a real hardware update since before Marcus was born -- it might not be a winning strategy for Sony. (That Android PSP phone, however...)

Video after the break. Does it make any of you want to carry around an iPhone and a PSP?

[Ars Technica]

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Sony Ericsson prepping Android 3.0 PlayStation Phone to take on iOS gaming?

Engadget has it from a reliable source that there's a device being prepared by Sony Ericsson that will look like a cross between a Samsung Captivate and PSP Go, run Android 3.0 "Gingerbread" and, enjoy PS titles like God of War.

If it pans out, if they nail the hardware and software, it will be a serious competitor to iPhone and iOS in the mobile gaming space. If Sony can work a little Apple-style magic and get it integrated with the PS3, it could be flat out awesome.

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The Competition: Sony PSPgo or No-Go for iPhone Developers?

Eurogamer spoke to Johnny Two Shoes (The Heist, Banana Dash), Normalware (Bebot) and Firemint (Flight Control) about how Sony's new PSPgo platform may compete with the iPhone, and the answers were interesting:

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Apple declares, "It's not a phone, it's a console experience"

You see, there is this little event on December 12th in San Jose called the ADC (Apple Developer Conference): iPhone Tech Talks. Engadget says that John Geleynse, Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple, made some interesting statements Including:

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Apple and Video Games: Should Sony and Nintendo be Worried?

For the last two weeks we here at TiPb have been taking a deeper look into Apple's "Game On" push. Can anyone really doubt Steve Jobs is trying to make the iPhone/iPod Touch into the next big portable gaming device? Stop and think about it, he took the idea of a portable MP3 player and made it into a device that has dominated the music business ever since. Now, according to Jobsy, "you could make a pretty good argument [the iPhone is] the best portable device for playing games on."

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iControlPad Turns Your iPhone Into A PSP Look-A-Like

We had mentioned the prototype of iControlPad more than a couple months ago, but it has popped up again looking a little bit more finalized and a lot BIGGER. Back in May, I had compared the original model to a PSP, but I think this edition looks more like the Sega Game Gear from years back. This thing is huge!

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So Just How Powerful is the iPhone?

As gaming developers grow more familiar with the iPhone platform and learning its capabilities, many are doling out their opinions across the interweb. Compared to the DS and the PSP, an EA developer put the iPhone in terms of power closer to the PSP than the DS. That's nothing new for us at TiPb but now Sega is claiming that the iPhone is more powerful than their last console, the Dreamcast! To remind you: the Dreamcast was home to Soul Caliber, Shenmue, & Virtua Tennis and the console was a competitor of the PS2 and Xbox.

And. the. iPhone. is. more. powerful. than. that.

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