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QNAP HS-210 home theater NAS quick look

The QNAP HS-210 proves Network Attached Storage (NAS) isn't just for the enterprise or even home office any more. Home theater and media management now involve saving and slinging files around that are every bit as big and important as the corporate data of old but also bring with them style and sophistication demands uniquely their own. The QNAP HS-201 seeks to balance these needs by combining the look of a set top box with the technology of a RAID appliance. With just 2 HD/SSD bays, 1 Gigabit ethernet, 2 UBS3, 2 USB, but with the QTS 4.0 interface and the myQNAPcloud service, how well does it work out?

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#CESlive: QNAP's NAS Systems for Home and Enterprise

QNAP - short for Quality Network Appliance Provider - is a manufacturer of Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, which provide homes and businesses with file servers without the hassle and overhead of a traditional file server system. QNAP's system just doesn't work on your local network - it's Internet accessible, so you can gain access to your files from anywhere in the world.

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