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Girls Night Out for iPhone

Girls Night Out for iPhone proves a bachelorette party is no fun without a good embarrassing game. This little game is a mixture between "Truth or Dare" and a scavenger hunt. Ideal for a bar or night club environment, this game will send you and your friends off to complete embarrassing and hilarious tasks such as kissing a bald man on the head. There are three different categories: Warm Up, Actions Speak Louder, The Hunter, The Gatherer, 'Naughty Girl' and Truth be Told.

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Victoria's Secret comes to iPad

Victoria's Secret launched their iPad app a few days ago and it has already soared into the #1 position on the Top Free iPad Apps chart. As if having the store's catalogue at your fingertips wasn't sexy enough, the Victoria's Secret app also brings you photo shoots, fashion show exclusives, TV commercials, special events and the ability to stalk up-to-the-minute coverage of their supermodels.

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Blogshelf for iPad: give-away

Blogshelf for the iPad is an RSS reader that displays your feeds as magazines on a shelf. Imagine iBooks filled with blogs – that’s Blogshelf.

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Quick app and give-away: GPS Tracks for iPhone

GPS Tracks is exactly what its name implies, a real-time location tracking application. It takes advantage of iOS 4 multitasking so that you can use other apps while tracking. In addition to tracking your location, it also keeps track of your time and distance and displays everything nicely in a built-in Google map.

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Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPad now available

The popular and award-winning Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite is now available for iPad. The application enables robust viewing, editing and creation of Microsoft Office Word and Excel files and integrates with mobile cloud storage providers such as Apple’s MobileMe, Google Docs, Box.net and Dropbox. Quickoffice has been completely redesigned for the iPad and offers improved menus and functionality.

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Meebo IM for iPhone and iPod touch

It's been a long time coming, but instant messaging client, Meebo, [iTunes Link - Free] has finally made it into the App Store. The last time TiPb mentioned Meebo was back in 2008 when Chad reviewed their web app. Since then, several other IM apps have become popular. What does Meembo have to offer?

  • Push notifications even when the app is closed
  • Stay connected as you move from Edge to 3G to WiFi
  • Meebo's proven multi-network access protocols
  • Automatically reconnect if you lose coverage so you don't miss a message
  • Swipe to switch between multiple conversations
  • Rotate for landscape mode and a wider keyboard.
  • Message preview from the Chats List
  • Full Meebo emoticon support
  • Searchable Chat History
  • Sort chats by most recent or full view
  • Support for all the major IM networks, and many more

We've been using Meebo for about a week now and it is a very good effort for a 1.0 release. You can really tell the app was optimized for speed, simplicity, and performance as claimed. While the UI could use a little work, it does have all of the bells and whistles imaginable to compete with with the current crop of IM client top contenders.

Screenshots after the break!

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Quick App: Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone and iPod touch

The popular PopCap Mac tower defense title, Plants vs. Zombies, [iTunes Link - $2.99] has finally arrived on the iPhone and iPod touch!

The premise is simple, defend your home from invading zombies with an arsenal of 49 zombie destroying plants. The plants (a.k.a. weapons) available to you include peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to dismember the 26 different types of zombies. Along with all of this zombie action you get five game modes:

  • Adventure: 50 levels — Play through day, night and fog, in a swimming pool and on the rooftop.
  • Mini-Games
  • Puzzle
  • Survival
  • Stress Free Zen Garden

Plants vs. Zombies is a highly addictive must buy for any tower defense fans. Buy it now!

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Quick App: iTopple Theme for Jailbreak

iMuggle Productions has released their first theme for Jailbroken iPhones -- iTopple. It is available in Rock and Cydia for $1.99, and boasts of being "sleek, clean, and simple". Included with iTopple are:

  • beautiful gradient wallpapers
  • 350+ icons (and growing)
  • complete SMS chatkit
  • iPod controls
  • battery meters (charging and status bar)
  • status bar
  • custom wifi bars

iMuggle Productions recommends that for the best look, use iTopple with Reflective Dock (free) and icon labels turned off. If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

More screenshots after the break!

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Quick App: NBC Olympics Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch

The 2010 Winter Olympics officially began yesterday and if you want to keep up with your country to see how well they are performing, the NBC Olympics Mobile app [iTunes Link - Free] for iPhone and iPod touch is a great companion piece that offers a ton of great features.

  • News, results and medal counts are all updated live.
  • Video on-demand: Those of you in the U.S. can watch NBC Olympics video clips and highlights. Sorry Canada!
  • Favorites: Save athletes, sports and nations as favorites
  • Push Notifications: Have results for your favorite sports pushed directly to your iPhone.
  • TV Coverage Schedule: View NBC's TV and online coverage schedule and set program reminders.
  • Athlete Bios and Sports Information: You can read up on all of the sports rules and get the full details about nations and teams.
  • Social networking: Share Olympic Games content with your friends directly on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Why Canadian users would be omitted from viewing video is beyond us, especially since they are hosting all of the events. Surely some sort of deal could have been made for those of you in Canada? Now if you throw that major fail aside, you have a great app to give you your daily dose of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Screenshots after the break!

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Quick App: Doodle Army

If cartoon violence is something you love, then Doodle Army [$0.99 - iTunes Link] might be right up your alley. It provides more comical 2D side-scrolling cartoon action than any other game I've found in the App Store.

The object is simple - keep progressing while disabling all of the attacking stick figures. You start out with four different locations, including Boot Camp, Rice Paddy, Beach Bunker, and Sand Dune. 25 different weapons are at your disposal that will vary by location. Weapons such as a pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher, and even flame thrower are all included. You are even given a choice of control style with two different options, shooting at tap/drag or use of an onscreen dial.

At the end of the day, Doodle Army is a pretty decent game for the money. It provides you with some nice variability with the included weapons and landscapes which will help keep your interest in playing. If you are a fan of 2D side scrolling games along with a low price price, Doodle Army is worth checking out.

More screenshots after the break!

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