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How to set up iTunes in the Cloud automatic downloads for apps, iBooks, movies, TV shows, and more

iTunes in the Cloud let's you automatically download any App Store apps, iBookstore iBooks, and iTunes music you buy. For example, if you buy a game on your iPhone, it can automatically download onto your iPad. If you buy a song on iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC, it can automatically download onto your iPod touch.

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iTunes Replay streaming movies, subscriptions not coming soon after all?

CNET drops a big bottle of killjoy juice on recent rumors that Apple might just be ready to rollout their fabled iTunes Replay service -- the ability to re-download and stream content to iOS and iTunes from the iCloud -- or a Netflix-like subscription service.

While Apple has music and now TV available for re-download, at least in the US, apparently they've only got agreements with 4 of the 6 big studios needed to add movies to the mix.

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Daily Tip: How to download previously purchased apps, songs, and books in iTunes

Heard about Apple's iCloud beta and wondering how you can use it to download all your previously purchased apps, songs, and books in iTunes? Well you're in luck, because with iTunes 10.3, it's easy (although music is currently limited to US users only. Sigh.) Read on to find out how, after the break.

[Inside iTunes]

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UPDATE: iPhone 3.0 On-Device App Re-Downloading Redux

UPDATE: AppAdvice spoke to an Apple dev at WWDC and found out:

all of this was just a simple bug in the system. We decided to not just take their word for it, we tested all the possible scenerios we could think of and in all cases we were presented with the pleasant โ€œYou have already purchased this item. To download it again for free, select OKโ€ message. We can confirm that repurchase option no longer appears in any instance.

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