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Real Or Fake

Updated: iPhone 4 already on delivery trucks, in hands! [Sticky]

Our tip lines, and all of Twitter it seems, is afire in claims that some iPhone 4 are already on delivery trucks and even in users' hands. Hey, crazy things happen in crazy times but we'll believe it when we see it (in non-blurry cam pics, in your real-life full-framed hands, okay?)

Given those Apple emails about iPhone 4 pre-orders arriving a day early, FedEx confusion could see them moving around already. Or some people with nothing better to do could be using that uncertainty to play internet pranks just for the lulz.

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Are these iPhone HD/iPhone 4G video call settings?

Could these be shots of iPhone HD/iPhone 4G iChat video call settings screens taken off field test units? Who knows, they don't look 960x640 to our pixel peepers but with WWDC 2010 and the supposed unveiling only a few weeks away, anything is possible.

So let us know, real, fake, or really fake?


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iPhone OS 4 running on prototype iPhone HD/iPhone 3G: real, fake, or really fake?

Add another image to the Taoviet iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype gallery, this one purporting to run iPhone OS 4 in all shades of blurred glory.

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