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AT&T Now Offering iPhone 3GS Refurbs Online

Just in time for the holidays AT&T is now offering up refurbished iPhone 3GS devices online for a discounted price with free overnight shipping and no activation fee. Both 16GB and 32GB flavors are offered as well as both black and white models.

The 16GB model is on sale for $49 while the 32GB is going for a cool $149.00. Of course the regular two-year contract is mandatory along with new activation if you want these low prices.

If any of you are in the market for a iPhone 3GS on the cheap this is the deal you may have been looking for. Any takers?

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$79 iPhone 3G! AT&T Discounting Refurbs (Again)

Now don't get too excited, the iPhone 3GS is not being discounted by AT&T. But if you are in the market for a excellent smart phone at a great entry level price, AT&T has the deal for you.

It looks like AT&T is trying to push the iPhone 3G's out the door as they have just lowered the price of 8 GB and 16 GB phones to $79.99 and $129.99 respectively, with a two-year contract. Both white and black models are currently available while the discount lasts. Before you jump on this deal, keep in mind of the following:


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AT&T Clearing Inventory? 16GB iPhone 3G Refurbs Online for $149.99

I will be honest here and say I've never been a fan of any refurbished products and AT&T is not making refurbished iPhone 3G's any more enticing. It seems that AT&T has once again gotten some stock of refurbished 16GB iPhone 3G's and are dumping them for the price of $149.99.

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Best Buy Selling Refurbished iPhone 3G's

Before the holidays we reported AT&T started to sell refurbished iPhone 3G's on their website for $50 less than what you could buy a new device for. Well now it seems Best Buy is taking a page out of AT&T's book. According to ars technica:

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$99 iPhone 3G Not from Walmart but Refurb from AT&T!

Now they don't celebrate Boxing Day in the US (think Black Friday the day after Xmas), but it seems no one told AT&T! Why else would the carrier race Walmart to the bottom and offer $99 iPhone's: 8GB refurbs (and $199 16GB refurbs as well!) according to Engadget.

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Unboxing: 8 GB Refurb iPhone from AT&T

I'm sure you may have heard horror stories about refurbished iPhones, specifically those from AT&T. Some of the first batch of refurbished iPhones reportedly came with face grease and scratches, others were already even jailbroken--the issues kept getting more and more outlandish and I began to wonder where the truth lied.

Well after we reported the $249/8gb $349/16gb deal here at TiPb, I just had to see them for myself. I managed to purchase a 8gb version before it sold out that same day and eagerly anticipated its arrival.

Though I already have an 8gb iPhone and before you all tar and feather me for being unaware of the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, I figured that an iPhone, no matter when, where, or how, makes a great gift for a special someone. And in the case that they deny the gift, it’s a good way to make a quick buck by simply unlocking & jailbreaking to those poor, poor souls who live in a country with no current ‘official’ iPhone. And if I received one that was in terrible condition, well I would have struck story gold! So it’s a win-win-win, well unless the 3G iPhone does really come out for a subsidized $199, then I might cry.

Read on for the Rest of the Story & Pictures!

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Buy an iPhone for $249 & $349

AT&T is currently selling refurbished iPhones in their online store! The 8GB version is going for $249 and the 16GB version is priced at $349. With no iPhones currently in the pipeline over at Apple, this is probably the best bet to get an iPhone online. AT&T has sold iPhones at this price a few time before so I wouldn't look too much into it (read: this is in no way a rumor of Apple & AT&T cleaning out old stock before the imminent release of the 3G iPhone, though by putting this in parenthesis I'm well aware of the possibility).

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