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iPhone to iTunes Wi-Fi sync app rejected by App Store, finds home in Cydia

No shock: Apple has rejected that nifty Wi-Fi sync application that was submitted for the App Store. Good news is, it's now available via Cydia for any jailbroken iPhone for $9.99. Engadget contacted the developer by phone and here is his rejection explanation.

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UPDATED: Apple Rejects Removes all Google Voice Apps for iPhone from iTunes App Store

DaringFireball claims as source has confirmed that Apple pulled Google Voice apps at the request of AT&T. GigaOm, by contrast, wonders why AT&T would ban Google Voice (and Skype, and SlingBox) on the iPhone and allow them on BlackBerry, for example. We don't know of course, but we guess nothing else scares AT&T like the iPhone -- it's the first multi-million selling consumer smartphone success, people actually use its features, and it hits their balsa-wood network like a freight-train. -Rene

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Microsoft iClones Apple App Store Restrictions?

We love many things about the iPhone. Most things even. One of the few things we're not so chuffed about is the weird, wacky restrictions Apple places on App Store apps, and the sometimes haphazard way in which those restrictions are applied.

So, one edge we thought the other platforms might have would be the relative openness of their competing app stores. Turns out maybe not so much. How so? Our buddy Phil Nickinson over on WMExperts spent his weekend scouring through Microsoft's Windows Marketplace for Mobile restrictions, and at first blush they appear at least as crazy as Apple's:

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iPhone 3.0: Parental Controls May Change App Store Rejection Policies?

With all of the rejections in the App Store going on as of late it's about time we have some good news for our pal Trent Reznor - see link above - and all of the developers out there.

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Updated: Nine Inch Nails App Update: REJECTED!

According to one of Trent Reznor's latest tweets, an update to the very popular and crafty Nine Inch Nails application has been rejected by Apple.

Apple rejects the NIN iPhone update because it contains objectionable content. The objectionable content referenced is "The Downward Spiral"

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South Park App "Dead in the Water"

Today is a depressing day for all of the South Park fans out there. The South Park app that Dieter told us about back in October has been rejected once again by Apple.


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