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New iMac teardown reveals lots of adhesive and almost no end user upgrade options

As with every big Apple product launch, iFixIt has given the new 2012 iMac the teardown treatment. Unfortunately, it only receives a repairability score of 3 out of 10. Most of this is attributed to the difficulty level of replacing common items such as RAM or a hard drive. This time around, it's no easy task.

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EPEAT certifies retina MacBook Pro with their gold rating, by significantly lowering their standards

EPEAT recently announced that Apple's retina MacBook Pro meets their gold standard when it comes to environmental standards. This begs the question of how Apple managed this considering the retina MacBook Pro is the least repairable device many have seen in decades? EPEAT surrendered to Apple and actually changed their standards in order for Apple to qualify.

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iPod nano 7 gets torn down, tiny guts exposed to the world

We've already seen the iPod touch 5 torn down so it's only fair that the iPod Nano 7 get the same treatment. Since the iPod nano is quite bit larger than its predecessor, it makes repairability a little more economical and realistic, but not by much.

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The iPhone 5, repairability, and future product design

Now that we've seen some complete teardowns of the iPhone 5, we can better judge what it'll be like when it comes to repairability. More than that, the changes shown in the iPhone 5 design may shed some light on where Apple's heading with the future of iOS product design.

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