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Largest U.S. newspaper publisher buys thousands of iPad 2s, iPhone 4S

The largest newspaper publisher in the United States has ordered "thousands" of iPad 2s and iPhone 4S, according to an internal memo from Gannett newspaper division president Bob Dickey.

The independent Gannett Blog posted the memo Wednesday evening (from an iPhone no less). Writes Dickey:

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In Memoriam: Stan Flack

It is with sadness we report the passing of Stan Flack, the founder of both MacCentral and MacMinute. He passed away quietly today (Monday) at his home in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Stan has been in the Mac industry since 1994 when MacCentral first went online as a weekly publication. Things were a lot different back then - the Internet as we know it was in its infancy - but Stan saw a way to make a successful business.

Mr. Flack certainly contributed to the Apple community and will certainly be missed. He is considered by many to be a pioneer in Mac journalism. For the complete story, head over to Macworld.

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