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Apple fights off iPhone scalpers in Hong Kong with new lottery reservation system

Apple has put an online lottery reservation system in place for iPhone 4S pre-orders in order to prevent scalpers from reserving iPhones. This comes after initial sales were cancelled due to riots and crowds.

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iPhone 4S available in Apple Stores by reservation only

Apple has updated their website to reflect that if you want to buy an iPhone 4S at an Apple Store, you're going to have to reserve it online first.

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Carriers starting to advertise iPhone 5 release

Vodafone now has a teaser page up on their site for what we'd imagine is the iPhone 5. They're advertising it as "this year's biggest smartphone release" so we can only assume it's a placeholder for whatever iPhone Apple is rumored to announce on October 4th.

The page also gives subscribers the option to sign up for e-mail updates on the mystery phone. Hopefully we are only a few days away from hearing about an announcement and a few weeks away from an actual announcement. How many of you still think we'll see a new iPhone available before the end of October?

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