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Reserve For Pickup

Apple holding iPad pre-orders, reassuring iPad reservations

Apple has shipped iPad pre-orders and regardless of whether you chose expedited or regular old delivery, it should get to your door on Saturday, April 3 (if your area offers weekend deliveries). To make sure it doesn't get there any earlier, Apple is using every trick in their playbook so don't be nervous if you see "holds" or "exceptions" on your delivery status. They don't want any "accidental" pre-releases hitting the streets (and webs).

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91,000 iPads Pre-Ordered in 6 Hours?

iPad pre-orders went live at 5:30am PT, 8:30am ET and in the 6 hours that follow, Fortune relays that Apple has moved 91,000 of the magical and revolutionary new devices. (50,000 in the first 2 hours!)

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International and Want an iPad on April 3? Reserve for Pickup and Get Traveling!

Not in the US, can't pre-order an iPad via, willing to travel by plane, train, or automobile to the closest Apple Retail Store on April 3? Then reserve your iPad for pick-up now and be sure get one when you get there!

You'll need an Apple Online Store ID to reserve one, but my Canadian Apple Online Store ID worked just fine. If yours works too, let us know in the comments!

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