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iMore show 336: Power vs. empowered


Rene talks jailbreak evasi0n, iWatch rumors, more on the 5-inch iPhone and less expensive iPhone, on getting stuck between Dropbox and iCloud, and Apple retention. This is the iMore show!

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App loyalty on the rise, iOS users more decicated than Android

Localytics gathered data from app users across Android and iOS during Q3 2011, and found that 23% of Android owners use an app more than 11 times, while 35% of iPhone and iPad users do the same. At the other end of the spectrum, iOS users are only slightly more fickle than those on Android: 24% versus 21% used an app only once before ditching it.

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iPhone holds highest retention rate over competing smartphone makers

A new UBS survey suggests Apple currently holds the top spot in smartphone retention rates by a long shot, holding a strong 89% rating over the nearest hardware competitor HTC at just 39%. Apple also had no trouble beating out the Android platform in general, although being a platform gave Google an added "stickiness" of around 60% retention among consumers.

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Verizon Asking Former Customers if They Would Have Stayed for iPhone?

Ouch. Don't know what else to say. Verizon told Apple they didn't want the iPhone so Apple went to AT&T (and the mostly GSM world still thanks Jobs for that). To make up for it, Verizon -- almost 2 years later -- rushed the BlackBerry Storm to market. Still, during the iPhone 3G's second quarter, it outsold the BlackBerry Storm in the US by almost 2 to 1 (1.9 million activations on AT&T vs. 1 million in sales on Verizon).

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