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Reveal gets bumped to version 1.5 with over 35 new features

Attention iOS developers: you might want to check out Reveal if you aren't using it already. The team behind the iOS development tool for Mac, which allows developers to inspect and debug layers of an interface in 3D, has just released an update bringing it up to version 1.5. The update boasts over 35 new features, including auto layout inspection, new inspectors, and a new built-in example app so you can start tinkering right away.

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Reveal goes 1.0, lets developers explode their apps, find bugs faster

Earlier this year we reviewed a promising runtime inspector for iOS apps called Reveal. While Reveal has been available as a beta for months, the makers, Itty Bitty Apps, have now released a complete version 1.0 of the app.

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Reveal: A promising runtime inspector for iOS apps

Reveal is a new debugging app by Itty Bitty Apps. It gives you the ability to inspect view elements and hierarchies in your iOS apps in realtime, providing a unique perspective to developers for debugging their apps.

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