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Reward Zone

Best Buy offering to "future proof" your tech gadgets

If you purchase your iPhones or iPads from Best Buy, you may be interested in checking out their new Buy Back program. In a letter sent out to current Best Buy Reward Zone customers, they'll be announcing the new program during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday (third quarter to be exact).

It appears Best Buy will tell you exactly how much they'll give you for your gadget when you purchase it. When you are ready to trade in your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (or any other gadget for that matter), you'll get a Best Buy gift card instantly for the fixed buy back amount. It's a nice little gesture to loyal customers. Here is part of the e-mail sent to customers:

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Deal of the Week - Best Buy Reward Zone Members Save on iPhone 3G

There is a new email promo floating around from Best Buy (got mine last night). Their Reward Zone and Premier Silver members are being offered a pretty enticing discount when purchasing new a iPhone 3G. Here's how it works: Reward Zone members purchasing a new iPhone 3G will be lucky enough to have $50 knocked off the regular price while Premier Silver members get a even more generous $100 off of a new iPhone 3G.

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