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iPhone 5 may implement NFC technology for eWallets and electronic passports

CultofMac has received a tip from an anonymous source that claims Apple might be getting ready to go all in on near-field communication (NFC), with next June's iPhone 5 potentially leading the way:

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Apple hires mobile payments expert -- iPhone to replace your credit card?

Looks like Apple has gone and hired a NFC (near field communications) expert to be their new head mobile commerce. Benjamin Viger, formerly product manager for mobile wallet, payment, and NFC at mFoundry, NearFieldCommunicationsWorld rounds up a plethora of recent Apple patent filings he just may be helping bring to market:

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Apple Building iPhone Prototypes with RFID Swiping?

According to AppleInsider, Near Field Communications reports that Apple has built iPhone prototypes equipped with RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification).

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iPhone Patent Watch: Haptics, Biometrics, RFID, and... Karaoke?!

A slew of new Apple patent applications have come to light covering a rather odd range of functionality that may -- or may not -- make it into future iPhone software and hardware models.

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iPhone RFID: Object Detector Prototype "Big Brother" for Toys?

Nearfield.org (via TUAW) brings us the above video, where innocent toys are scanned by an RFID-reading iPhone which then triggers media playback. Why?

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